Missing a finishing touch to the makeover – and wall stickers were IT! #TinyRoomMakeover

So having decided on the plain walls, and properly loving their simple plain-ness, we wavered once the room started to be filled. The entrance ‘leg’ by the door was just a little too plain.
Her easel had been broken down, and the chalk and white boards were mounted on the right, but on the left we had nothing.
The husband picked up a cute little photo frame, but it was too small to fill the wide stretch of wall that first meets your eye when you enter the room. But what to do with it?

Our old friends at Spin Collective had the answer of course.
Wall stickers.

I had a deep yearning for the fabric rabbits, but the husband asserted she was too old for them (he’s probably right), and that some plain funky flowers would be far better.
The Assorted Flower collection it was then.
In pink, obviously.

The stickers arrived in a tube  – separated flowers on one big sheet.

To apply them to the wall is surprisingly easy:


Scrape the sticker first (they come with the scraper you need, but we worked as a team so I ended up using the handle of my big offices scissors while the husband did the wall bit with the proper scraper) to make sure it’s properly in contact with the backing paper.


Peel off the milky paper side, and position the sticker where you want it on the wall. Scrape the sticker from the centre to the outside, removing the air bubbles and making sure it’s fixed firmly to the walls. This might be trickier with big stickers, but with small individual flowers it was a breeze.


Leave them to ‘fix’ for ten minutes, then gently peel off the fronting.


And hey presto – beautiful wall decals!

Placing them in a gentle scattering effect from the top corner, we swept them down across the wall. And they looked… Utterly perfect. Exactly what the wall needed.
Adding the photo frame (with some quickly taken funny-face selfies of the family in it) lifted the whole wall, and makes a brilliantly pretty feature out of a previously plain expanse. The tiny walkway couldn’t take much, but this was exactly right.
And we had some flowers left over to pretty up the interior of the built-in cupboard, too.

The Assorted Flowers set of wall decals costs £20 from Spin Collective, and comes in a whole range of 20 colours.

Author: Laura

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