MicroScooters – perfect for the school run #BackToSchool

Every experienced mum knows that as cooter makes the school run a whole heap easier – and speedier. The child who dawdles and refuses to walk and complains of tired legs will rarely refuse the opportunity to scoot. Although you may find yourself in an enforced exercise regime yourself as you jog to keep up… unless, of course, you’ve treated yourself to an adult scooter to join in the fun (seriously, how much more fun could you put into the school run? I fear that on the downhills my competitive spirit might get the better of me. I’d obviously be encouraging from the rear on the uphill sections, mind…).

We’ve been HUGE fans of Micro Scooters for yee-e-e-ars – we loved them when they were all about the oh-so-brilliant two-wheels-at-the-front safe scooters for very small people. Now of course they’re utterly huu-u-u-uge, and have a scooter for the whole family (even your 3yr old won’t mind the school run of she can scoot too).

And oh me oh my they’re so preee-e-e-ttyyyy… I want one of the flashy new special edition mint ones…

And of course they’ve covered all the obvious needs; it’s not just the scooters. There’s helmets, lights, bells and locks to keep the school run totes safe, and backpacks and bottle holders too.

5 Golden rules for safe scooting:

  1. Always make sure children wear a helmet, particularly if scooting near roads.
  2. Make sure that children are seen in the dark evenings, by wearing a reflective jacket or strip and by attaching a light to the scooter.
  3. Always check that the scooter is in good working condition.
  4. It is advisable to ensure that children can be heard by attaching a bell to the scooter.
  5. Young children are often unaware of basic rules of the road and need constant vigilance on the part of the parent or adult with them to make sure that they do not scoot too fast on pavements and always keep away from the edge of the road and other pavement users. They need to be reminded always, to dismount from their scooters and stop, look and listen when crossing the road.

Author: Laura

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