Malta Family Holiday: Top 9 Fun Activities for Kids

Going to Malta is an ideal holiday for the whole family, especially if you are taking the kids with you. With various activities they can do on the islands, they will surely enjoy every moment they spend during the holiday. It’s a tremendous place for any adventure and exploration. Here are 9 activities that kids will surely love to do in Malta.

1. Beach Adventure

Every kid loves to make sandcastles and collect beautiful pebbles from the shore. Since Malta is surrounded by a lot of beaches, there are a lot of options on where you would take the children for a swim. And since the country has a Mediterranean climate, which is very pleasant in the summer and only mild temperature in winter, people can enjoy taking a dip at most months of the year. There are various activities and water sports they can try including snorkeling, surfing, fishing, and fun boat rides. You can surely visit the various beaches with the children no matter what month you want to visit. 

2. Waterparks

The beach is not the only place where your kids can enjoy the water. If they are looking for some adventurous water parks where they can enjoy rides and slides, then there are water parks they can enjoy. A great example is Splash and Fun Water Park which is located across a famous marine park. The resort has features that attract a lot of kids every year, especially during summer and their breaks from school. They can experience their wave pool and a lazy river that surrounds the whole place. Bugibba Waterpark is also a resort that opens only in the summer and features different zones for people of all ages. There is definitely a place for each member of the family to enjoy. 

3. Museum Visits

No kid is too young to visit a museum. They would surely take an interest in seeing old warplanes restored to their pristine condition that can be seen in Malta Aviation Museum. If they want to learn about the ships, naval and fleets, and their link to Malta’s history, your family can visit the Malta Maritime Museum. There is so much to learn about their past and having to see the visuals will pique their interest. This will also instill in them a deeper appreciation of their culture which they will surely remember as when they get older. Museums are one way you can add substance to a vacation of fun and relaxation. 

4. Picnics at Parks

Parks are great places to hang out and if you want to add a park where you can have picnics with the children to your itinerary then you can bring them to BOV adventure park. To ensure that you are anywhere near a park or a tourist attraction you really want to visit, you can do your research on the best accommodations near the area or refer to Sliema Travel Guide – 9 Essential Tips for holidays in Malta in order to get information about the travel essentials in Malta. You can enjoy yourself more with your time if you are better prepared during your travel.

5. Popeye Village tour

Visiting the Popeye Village will feel like being a part of the story if this famous sailorman. They would certainly feel at awe in seeing the real-life place where the movie was shot. Even if they do not know who Popeye is, they would be learning how movies are made and how wonderful sets used in films can be. This theme park surely has something creative to offer to entertain kids. The place is filled with colorful houses that were literally taken out of a movie scene. 

6. Learning Science 

Even vacations can feel like taking the school into real life, but with a more exciting experience. There is an interactive Science center in the south part of Malta called Esplora. Parents can leave their children here while they are having fun learning all about Science while they take a stroll in nearby recreation areas or cafes. They have a planetarium for them to experience the cosmos and universe, and kids can watch a presenter-led visualization of astronomy and other kinds of sciences.

7. Visit Animal Attractions

Ignite the animal lover in your children by bringing them to animal attractions that will allow them to see various animals. At Birdpark Malta, they would be able to see real-life flamingos, pelicans, and more than 200 other species of birds and other animals. The objective of this park is to educate both locals and tourists about the different lives surrounding us. You may also visit a petting farm and let the kids feed animals such as Llamas, goats, and sheep.

8. Interactive Games

Even vacation should be filled with games and Malta has the places that will let the kids enjoy Laser Tag, Bowling, and Scavengers hunts. These activities are all familiar especially to children and these can be played by the whole family. This is a great way to bond as a family and meet other children as well. 

9. Sightseeing

Who wouldn’t enjoy sightseeing aboard double-decker busses that allow you to explore the country while atop an open bus? This is both exciting, especially for first-timers so make the experience worth it. The children would be able to take in the normal street life in Malta without having to set foot and travel there yourself. This is absolutely one way to get around fast and comfortably. If you want to scout for places to eat at and visit, you may look for a bus to hop on and just easily hop off when you want to check something out. The best thing about this is that it comes with an affordable price as well. 

Malta is an adventured tailored for the whole family. Kids will surely find fun and adventure with these activities they can enjoy while on a holiday. You can surely do all these when you go to Malta atop other activities and experiences that you will discover yourself when you go and visit the country. 

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