Magic shoes for happy feet?

Really? Well… yes. I think my daughter feels that these magic little slippers most certainly make her feet happy. In fact, when I asked her, she considered it very carefully, head on one side, lips pursed, and replied “yes, my toes are DEFINTALLY happy when I have pink daisies on”.

So – there you have it.

And what’s not happy-making from a company who has design categories called Kiss Me Quick, Roses and Tea, and Urban Rock? The whole website is fun to use, and with over 100 styles to choose from you can’t help but go and check the other categories, even though you’ve found your perfect pair, just-in-case there’s a better one round the corner. I have to be honest and say it took rather a lo-o-ong time for Pink to decide on her delicious pink daisies.

The soft leather slippers from Starchild shoes are of a kind very popular now – those roomy bootee type which are so utterly brilliant for indoor wear. They have space to give small tender foot bones essential room to spread and move, non-slip suede soles to help unsteady young toes to grip, and the elasticated ankle system means that they resist the most determined of sock-pullers. They’re not just for babies and toddlers either – going up to a roomy age 5, they’re fab for nursery and pre-school too. An extra upside is that the little Starchild tab on the outside helps Pink decide which goes on which foot – they do look so similar, it’s a tricky business.

On top of all that loveliness and fabulous design, there’s the surprisingly lovely good news behind the obvious.  Made right here in the UK, they are even made using non-toxic dyes and ‘safe’ leather. Cute AND ethically made. Hurray!

Author: Laura

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