Luxury Down Duvets – I swear, the duvet cuddled me (even for allergy sufferers).

When it comes to cuddling up for a comfy night’s sleep, the right duvet makes all the difference, doesn’t it?
And even if we’re not talking comfort (and really, why wouldn’t you?), did you know that for every degree you turn down the thermostat you’ll save 1-2% on your heating bill during an eight-hour sleep cycle. That’s 10% over the course of a year!

And obviously retaining natural body heat is far healthier than the horrible drying-out-bug-breeding central heating

So now you can feel absolutely good about choosing a new duvet that is the softest, biggest, warmest, snuggest thing in your life – because it’s totally good for you, and your bank balance too!

But what duvet should you go for? I know – it’s a monumental minefield. Anyone who’s ever heard Rhod Gilbert wax lyrical on the subject of buying duvet‘s inevitably feels his pain.

DownDuvet actually have a website crammed full of brilliant, knowledgeable no-nonsense advice on all types of duvet issues, from the inevitable choosing your Tog Rating through to how you can wash them. But here’s a few pointers to get you thinking down the right lines:

  • Down (which should not be mistaken for feathers – it’s a layer beneath the feathers of a bird that provides insulation and protection against cold) is naturally insulating without being heavy, and it’s simply better at regulating temperature than a manmade fill.
    If you choose a Down Duvet, you will pay more for the quality – synthetic fillings are obviously cheaper, but they aren’t as efficient as down at regulating temperature, and their warmth often comes from lots of filling, which makes them heavy.
  • With down, remember to look for a high ‘fill power’ – basically that means more down per ounce. More down means more ‘loft’ (fluff), and therefore more warmth. A fill power of 600 or more is what you’re hoping for.
  • There’s also the choice between duck and goose down; don’t be fooled, they provide equal insulation; when wild geese are captured and plucked, their down is more mature and therefore larger and warmer. Ducks are usually farmed, so the down size varies, but the final duvet is often cheaper as production is simpler.
  • Don’t just think about the duvet itself – you need to consider how you sleep too. If you’re fond of thick pyjamas, then a thick fill duvet may well be too much for you. If you prefer a cooler bedroom or light pj’s, then the higher fill is going to suit you perfectly.
  • Look for a duvet that’s stitched in a grid pattern- it helps stop the down shifting over time and keeps it light and fluffy.

Which is all well and good, but if you switch from a cheaper synthetic duvet to a more luxurious down duvet, will you really notice the difference?
That was the question I put to DownDuvet when when we set up the competition last month to win a £200 luxury down duvet.
Their response?
They simply sent me the Otto Keller Classic Winter Duvet to try out.

Naturally I’m no fool. So I tried it out.

And is it any better?

Omg is it? Can I go to bed again now please?


First time on the bed, and straight out of the bag it’s looking thin and flat and a little un-cosy in it’s substance…

Being used to a heavy synthetic duvet, the first night I made the bed I was baffled by the thin duvet, and the lightness of the down – it just felt too insubstantial. There was no way this was ever going to keep my ice block feet warm all night.

But then my tired self clambered into bed, and the duvet settled lightly around me.

I swear, the duvet cuddled me.


My fluffy duvet. I’ll never ever go back.

It’s light, and soft… and within an hour my foot was out the side looking for some cooler air. So so toasty warm.

It’s hard to really show you, but a week on and the duvet is no longer thin and flat. The down has gained its lift, and it’s puffy and soft and hugs me every night as I fall into bed.
I no longer get cold feet – but nor do I get those hot spells where I’m throwing the duvet off either.
The down genuinely makes a difference – I’m just warm all night long.

otto-keller-luxury-duvet-reviewSo here’s the tech specs of the  Otto Keller Classic Winter.
It’s stitched with the preferable inner baffles – so no down movement. the fill power is 500 cuin; which I can tell you is more than enough when there’s two of you underneath it. Toasty and delicious.
In Tog terms it’s a 12 (we’re back to Rhod Gilbert again…) – so a good all year round duvet.

Lots of people think that if they have allergies they can’t have a down duvet – but that’s just not the case. The NOMITE quality assurance mark is a guarantee that the product is hypo-allergenic – check the NOMITE website for more information about dust allergies – and Otto Keller is a NOMITE certified brand. So even though the husband is allergic to a gazillion things including animals, dust and grass, he can sleep under the Otto Keller and not wake with streaming eyes and clogged sinuses.

The other issue with down duvets (which I always believed) is that you can’t wash them.
Not True! 
Unbelievably, you can just pop them in your machine (follow the instructions, ours states a 60 degrees wash), and they’re just fine. Tumble dry (with some tennis balls), shake out and it’s ready to go!

Last top tip on keeping your Down Duvet fresh – If you wish to enjoy your duvet for as long as possible, lie under it but never on top of it, this damages the elasticity of the down. Who knew?!

The fabulous Otto Keller Classic Winter is available from DownDuvets and starts at £180 for a single (our king size version is £319)ottokeller-3_30

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