*LOVE* these delicious Woodland Cosy Pyjamas from Powell Craft

As jane Austen might have said (if she knew they existed), it’s a truth universally acknowledged that every one needs a perfect pair of pyjamas.
And Powell Craft? They make as near perfect as a person can get. We’ve been huge fans since wa-a-a-ay back when Snugg Nightwear sent us a beautiful Powell Craft Fairy nightie for the then-3-yr-old Bear in 2010. And all these years later? We’re still HUGE fans.
Bear still loves wafting around in the flowing nighties – but these days she’s finally learned to love a snug pair of Pyjamas too.
And these Woodland Cosy Pyjamas?
They’re the BEST.
cisy cotton woodland animal pyjamas for children

Honestly Bear is pretty much refusing to wear ANYTHING else for sleeping in – or watching TV in, or sitting at her computer in, or sharing Family Film night in… if she just had another two pairs I’m not sure she’d ever wear anything else in the house.

The softest jersey cotton is stretchy enough to feel snug no matter how small you curl up, and the wide cuffs mean no flappy legs as they sit snugly against you and keep your legs and wrists draught free (and no annoying riding-up in the night).


They wash easily at 30º – we never tumble them I’m pretty sure they’s shrink, but we have noticed the top has become slightly misshapen over time. It’s not massive, it’s just looser than it was. Bear couldn’t care less, of course.

And best of all is that adorable woodland print. All the creatures in gorgeous fabric-impression form, freindlya nd fun and in the most soothing of Autumnal shades.

We simply adore.

The Woodland Cosy Pyjamas can be bought direct from Powell Craft for £26 in sizes 2-10yrs.

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