We *LOVE* The Bespoke Childrenswear from Huxter. A lot.

Any parent will tell you that as soon as their adorable little willing babies become independently-moving toddlers, they develop opinions to match that independence. And it’s an opinion which they cast wildly over everything – peas vs beans, blue cup vs yellow cup, going out vs staying in…
Sometimes, finding clothing that fits that opinion (and therefore avoids the need for wrestling it on through the anticipated outrage of an I-won’t-wear-THAT tantrum can be an issue. I have a girl that refused to wear pink. Yeah, good luck with girl-shopping in most of the high street stores. And I had boys who loved to wear bright funky stuff – cool patterns and great colours, as opposed to the sludgy grey/green/blue/brown combos you get in the boys aisles.

So imagine my joy when I stumbled over Huxter – who make the clothes the way you order them.

They keep it nice and simple – a few classic designs of wardrobe staples, all of which can then be customised, meaning you get EXACTLY what you want. In fact, when we ordered our hoody, Bear chose exactly what SHE wanted. Which translates into a hoody that she loves so much she’s rarely in anything else, and I have to steal it from her room to wash it once she’s asleep.


She chose the Sparkling Stars fabric, with the Blue Swallows  (See? No pink, please thank you…) – not at ALL what I’d have chosen, but I let her go for it to see what she’d pick. And yes – the stars really do sparkle! It’s very subtle, but she loves that. And she’s right – they’d’ve been wasted inside the hood (I tried to suggest the swallows should be outside, and the dark trees the lining, but she wasn’t having any of my advice. Quite right too).


The clothes are all fabulous quality – they wash well, and all being jersey-based are simply tough clothes for kids to be kids in. I LOVE the romper suits and Huxley pants for toddlers, and the tees and hoodies are just brilliant for our older kids who have a distinct sense of style. And of course the fabric choices are simply brilliant, with a distinctly Scandinavian flair to the prints, I think, and proper kid-friendly colours and patterns to love. Everything is made here in the UK, and on top of creating one-of-a-kind clothing your child will be happy wearing, you’ll have the great feeling of knowing you’re supporting an independent small business.
So go, shop happy – and buy beautiful things for your kids to wear and wear and wear…

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