Looking for a new tablet case? Try CoverUp (ours was a case for the Toshiba Excite Pro).

When my two oldest were gifted new tablets of their own this Christmas, I knew the next purchase on the agenda would be two decent covers to protect them in. My oldest had a tablet previously, and a soft neoprene cover which did nothing to protect it against a cracked screen when it was accidentally stood on *refrains from rage-muttering AGAIN about this*.
I know my boys are not alone – tablets for children were a huge market this Christmas, and I can completely see why. But once you’ve finally decided which tablet to put your money on, you want to know it’s going to stay safe, unscratched and uncracked, right?


So when CoverUp asked if we’d like to review their tablet cases, I immediately squeaked a yes-please-thank-you. Particularly when I saw they did cases especially designed for the boys tablets, the Toshiba Excite Pro (which I HIGHLY recommend, by the way, just in case you were wondering).

platform stand tablet case

This stylish Cover-Up Platform Stand case in red is made from high quality synthetic leather

But I’m in no position to be reviewing them myself – I’ve not laid hands on them since they arrived in the post and I handed them over to their new owners to put through their paces. So here’s what No.1 son thinks…

No.1 writes…

Coverup is a company that specialises in “creating and supplying custom-made accessories for the tablets, mobile phones and eReaders that you love”.

And boy do I love it! On opening the box I was met with a smart looking and well-built case that fit my Tablet like a glove! The quality is amazing, it doesn’t feel like they have skipped any minor detail, from the hard Faux-Leather case to the soft protective interior. This is just what I needed for the long journey to Scotland.

synthetic leather tablet case

The platform stand works by folding up at the book and hooking into a flap. Sounds complicated, but in practice is incredibly practical.

We were lucky enough to be taking the brand new VW Caravelle so there was a table in the back! The tablet doubles as a stand and it stood up to the task of taking me through the journey to Scotland, I flicked the Seagate wireless media drive on (also a great investment) set my tablet up on the table and sat back to watch some great movies! The tablet didn’t once slip or slide, and held it at a comfortable angle for my eyes.

natural hemp tablet case

The Natural Hemp cover in black

My brother’s tablet case (also made by Coverup – but the Version Stand case and with the natural hemp cover) had adjustable angles for viewing, but slipped around on that shiny surface, so he had to keep it on his lap. And when I was finished with watching my movie choices (‘Dances with Wolves’ and ‘Glory’ if you must know) I plucked the tablet off of the table, folded it into the case and slipped the elastic over it – snug and safe. I had a previous tablet and case (didn’t double as a stand, but had bubble protection) and that cracked right along the screen, while keeping it in a case on a journey.

toshiba excite pro leather tablet case

The inside of the synthetic leather case is lined with a really nice, soft, tactile synthetic suede. Not only does it feel great, but it’s also really practical when travelling, as we found out!

I felt perfectly safe this time: the case is rigid and protective and you really do get a great sense of quality – and I cannot stress how reassuring that is, especially because of how much our devices mean to us these days!

hemp tablet case

The hemp does seem to collect dust/marks (that could be Boy’s haphazard care of it, mind), but it feels really tough and durable, a perfect choice for less-careful owners.

The best thing about having a case that is designed specifically for your tablet is that it fits perfectly around the buttons, cameras etc. Our tablets happen to have two cameras on the front, and most cases don’t have a cut-out that fits both, meaning you have to slide the tablet around in the case, or remove it, to be able to use them. But CoverUp have made their cases to fit exact tablet models, which means that every function is available to use with no problem at all.

toshiba excite pro tablet case

The contour of the front of the case which allows room for both cameras to be operational

Overall, if you are looking for a case for your phone, tablet, iPod or e-reader – I highly suggest this company. 100% quality and 100% style and best of all the price is reasonable too! At a mere £22.99 for my case, I think I got a fantastic bargain.

The covers tend to be colour variations on the hemp and faux leather themes, but they’re practical, well-made and long lasting. We strongly suggest that you take a look at the CoverUp site if you’re on the hunt for a new tablet case yourself – we totally recommend them.

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