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backtoschoolbooksFor the last in our BackToSchoolBooks series, in which we look at the essential books for any parent of a school-aged child to have on their shelves.

Having just had a child go through their GCSE’s, I cannot stress enough how brilliant and reassuring and completely essential a GCSE revision book is.
No matter how good the notes, how much information there is available on the internet; having a physical book in fornt of you which covers everything you need is a completely essential tool for your exam preparation.
You can use all the other stuff as fill ins, to help with areas you’re not sure of. But it’s a simple, reassuring fact; if you’d worked through one of these books from front to back, you know you’ve got it covered.
And of the many revision guides around, for me Letts have it hands down. I relied on them for my own GCSE exams, and 25yrs later my son did the same.
They’re suitable for the new Edexcel, AQA, OCR and WJEC GCSE Maths courses – so it doesn’t matter which exam board your child is sitting, this book covers all the topics that will be assessed in the exams.
The fact that it is organised into 30-minute revision modules really really helps make it feel manageable and do-able. And easy to plan with.
The magazine-styled layout is very engaging – which can never ever be a bad thing in a text book – and the visual aid of the diagrams and charts really help to communicate key concepts in a clear and visual way.The book also comes with a free download of an audio ‘walkthrough’ of every topic, and of course there are quick tests and exam-style practice questions for every topic too.

To make sure you’ve got a copy on your bookshelf to produce at the vital despairing, eye-rolling, heavy-sighing hour of need, just head over to Collins to grab a cope of Letts GCSE Revision Success – New 2015 Curriculum – GCSE Maths Higher: Revision Guide. It’s under £6, and every GCSE house should have one.

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