Letts 11+ Success – are you looking at Grammar Schools for 2016?

The 11+ is looming for a whole new batch of 10yr olds, heading into Yr6 the test comes not long after the new term starts, so lots are starting their practice runs now.

11+ success practice book
And whether or not you’re stumping up for tuitions or Saturday schools, there’s nothing that can beat some practice – sitting down with your child so that both of you understand the test, it’s format and what is expected.
The key thing in any test is confidence – and familiarity is half the battle with exams.

The great thing about the new 11+ Practice Test Papers Book from Letts is that it literally has everything you could need, all in one book.
Wellm, actually, it’s NOT all in one book.
Because there’s a whole bag of extras.

You do get two complete sets of tests (four papers) – but it’s not then done. Oh no – you can reuse as often as you like, because you can download additional answer sheets from the website free of charge, including an Audio Download for the CEM tests.
It was created in partnership with 11 Plus Tutoring Academy, so you know it’s all based on current and practical information and help. Your child can practice answering CEM style questions under timed conditions, and there’s an answer sheet for each test and a complete set of answers with explanations. They don’t just have to get it right; crucially they can be helped to genuinely understand.

There’s also a heap of guidance for parents, including tips from 11 Plus Tutoring Academy.

It’s not in shops yet – Letts 11+ Success Test Papers has a publication date of 29th May 2015. But if I were you I’d bookmark it and snap up a copy as soon as you can. It’s brilliant – and essential for any parent of a child heading towards the 11+ this autumn.

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