Laura Ashley Tartan Throw – I failed the challenge, but I don’t really care because it’s Just Perfect

When Laura Ashley challenged us to find a ‘different’ use for one of their throws, I immediately said yes. I mean – it’s an amazing soft, cotton-mix throw, how hard could it be.


I admit it.
I failed.

We thought we’d use it for star-gazing; but it has rained solidly for a week.
We could have used it for a dolls tea-party.
We could have allowed the 6yr old to make a den with it.
I thought about putting it on one of the living room chairs to prettify it too.

While I was doing all of this thinking, however, I noticed the rug was missing. It seems that The 6yr old and the dog had Big Plans for it, even if I didn’t.

laura ashley rug

It’s just the thing when your sidekick has a cooler outfit than you, and you’re suddenly in desperate need of a superhero cape…

But also?
It is nearly Christmas.
It is cold and wet and icky outside.
Inside we have a Christmas tree, a fire, thick curtains, and an endless supply of Christmas films.

What on EARTH do you expect it to be used for, Laura Ashley?

Pretty Much just this.

tartan throw rug laura ashley

And it’s flipping well PERFECT. It’s warm, and soft, and big and SNUGGLY. And every single morning the children stagger downstairs, curl up in a heap on the sofa like a pack of puppies and snug up with each other underneath it.

tartan throw rug
And I’m not sure I would like to see it used in any other way.
So – this is me, failing in my task. And I’m afraid we enjoyed failing really very much a lot.
We LOVE this throw.

tartan throw laura ashley

You could get a Tartan Cranberry Check Cotton Mix Throw yourself from Laura Ashley, and they’re now reduced from £50 down to £40 – but you’ll have to wait til after Christmas now, as they’re out of stock. Good job mine’s already nestling in the living room, eh? *smug face*


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