Laundry open 24 hours over Christmas

Guests coming to stay this Christmas?

Making that guest bedroom up is always a difficult balance; I mean it’s your home, yes? But then again you want your guests to ‘feel at home’ too! So providing the little extra touches can mean so much to make them feel comfy and wanted – yet at the same time help you to stay in control of how your home looks.

If your guests are staying more than just a couple of days it’s likely that they will need to do some clothes washing whilst they stay with you; after all it’s not likely that they will have packed their entire wardrobe. Running short of the essential wear could be a tad embarrassing, as can storing the ‘worn’ ones in a little pile at the end of the bed. Even if they are only staying a few days, that little pile of used items is best kept out of sight I always think (far more hygienic too!). So what better way to solve this conundrum than to install a stylish laundry basket to hide ones used essentials, which can also be easily and discreetly transported to the washing machine when the time comes for a little freshen up.

The Nostalgic print lidded plastic laundry basket from Lakeland has a huge 60 litre storage capacity and its slimline design means that it won’t take up too much room in your house, ideal for the guest bedroom as it isn’t usually the largest of rooms in the house is it. Plenty of storage for all the used clothes, or the used bedding at the end of the stay until wash day, it’s also rather lovely with its nostalgic design.

laundry bin

This fabulous laundry bin also has a neat hinged lid which is very easy to open to just drop those items in and out of sight as the lid shuts, perfect privacy and neatness for your room. It has a nice wide opening too, to allow you to take in those larger items making it an easy job come laundry day, and has side handles to aid an easy visit to the washing machine.

Built to last, this laundry basket is made from durable, easy-clean polypropylene it is 61cm high by 44cm wide and 35 cm deep and will stand in the corner of your guest room (or your room if your prefer) with style and real practical enhancement too.

Available from Lakeland for just £28.99 the Nostalgic print lidded plastic laundry basket we think will help make your guests feel right at home this Christmas.


Author: Courtenay

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