Do You Know The Top 4 Things To Do To Increase Your House Sale Fee?

As a nation becoming increasingly obsessed with the property market, it’s important that any potential sellers know how to do their property up on the cheap in order to boost its sale value.

After all, it is a move which benefits both parties, buyers will have less decorating to do and are getting more for their money, and sellers are receiving a larger fee. Seeking guidance from Estate Agents in Stamford can offer valuable insights into local market dynamics and effective selling strategies. With advice provided courtesy of property specialists, here are the best ways to go about selling your house fast.

1 – Declutter

In terms of selling it faster and impressing potential buyers, be sure to get rid of all of the excess clutter that seems to have built up in just about every space available around your home.

You don’t have to fully get rid of it of course, either place it in storage or leave it with a friend, the lack of clutter and newly found living space will allow prospective buyers to imagine what the place would look like if they were living there and they may be more inclined to buy.

However, don’t go overboard on the decluttering, leave some of your stamp on the place as this will leave a sense of homeliness that people may warm to and give buyers an idea of what they can do with the place.

The Decluttering Plan - image courtesy of shutterstock
The Decluttering Plan – image courtesy of shutterstock

2 – Keep it minimal, neutral and clean

Keeping things too minimal is never a good move, ensure that the windows are all dressed with blinds or curtains, naked windows can often give a property that rundown unlived in feel and turn any buyers off.

You don’t have to completely redecorate to sell, a fresh lick of paint can do wonders for a property. Choosing a neutral colour will leave your home seem newer, lighter and in turn, bigger.

And the lack of colour will allow people to envisage the way they can do up the rooms and will be less work for them when they move in, it’s much easier to use and decorate a room with neutral colours than it would be to use a wall with brightly coloured or dark walls.

Though one place brightly coloured paint is acceptable when doing up a house to sell, is the front door, this will give the front of the property a new and well-kept look.

Whilst neutral colours and smaller furniture as opposed to bulky furniture can help to make a room look bigger and much lighter, mirrors can have the same effect. It’s a cost effective way to make a room seem brighter and spacious, especially in smaller rooms and hallways.

Be sure to clean windows thoroughly, both inside and out, as well, and make sure that all of the lights are working as buyers will be attracted to properties that seem light, bright and airy.

deep cleaning really helps - image courtesy of shutterstock
deep cleaning really helps – image courtesy of shutterstock

3 – Update the Kitchen above everything else and repair all minor damages

As the kitchen is one of the main attractions in the home, it is the most deserving of your attention. Due to the high costs involved in a complete refurbishment, simply resurface your current cabinets and make sure you get a high quality finish. This does the same job and for a fraction of the price.

It will give the kitchen that new, modern look but you won’t have to spend an arm and leg. Make sure that the counter tops are free from clutter and leave a simple bunch of flowers and fruit bowl out as this will give that traditional kitchen look and may pull buyers in.

Also, be sure to repair all minor damages. Whether it’s a hole in the wall, cracked tile or worn carpet, people will be more inclined to buy if there are little changes needed. If the tiles are free from lime scale and the place is free from dust, the sparkling surfaces and furniture will allow the place a new and homely feel that buyers will warm too.

fresh cut grass is an instant win! - Image courtesy of shutterstock
fresh cut grass is an instant win! – Image courtesy of shutterstock

4 – Make the Garden welcoming

Away from the house, make sure that the garden is well kept as that will also pull buyers in, freshly cut grass and a well-trimmed hedge will make the outside space look more appealing.

By following all these tips, your house will be off the market in no time.

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