Klean Kanteen – have you seen?

We all know we need to get the children to drink more water yes? And we all know how hideous plastic is, yes? I know, it’s cheap and easy, but all those water bottles – I hate them. Such a waste. And there’s the scary-mary stories about plastic too ( I was going to link to some BPA/cancer/antimony stories there, but when I googled I got all afeared to go read the gazillion scare stories, and ran away quick). So… what are you to do? Have a metal one of course! I’ve been using an aluminium bottle when walking for years, but hadn’t really thought about getting the children one to use. So when the lovely people at Klean Kanteen sent Jolly a rather plain but smart canteen I wasn’t sure if he’d use it.

But oh how he loves it! It goes everywhere – it’s been up mountains (pic on right is from the top of the Dales in North Yorkshire), on day trips to the beach, rambled across countless fields, and in term time is never far from his school bag.

I have to say the handy spout cover thing has broken off – the tag bit got in the way every time we undid it to empty it, and eventually sheared off. but the cap itself has a very efficient open/close system, and beyond a bit of sand in the end (and what 7yr old even notices that?) it is still entirely leak-free. It also no longer stands flat – I can only guess my sensitive little chap has lobbed it on to the playground when it is full, as the bottom now bulges out gently, and no amount of hammering on the kitchen surface pushing will flatten it. But it still stands, in the manner of a weeble gentle rocking, which is fine by us.

I just love the thought that has gone into the design – the neck is wide to make cleaning easy, the thread is also wide meaning there’s never any sticky awkward residue, and the fact that it is stainless steel not aluminium means there is no liner – and therefore never any leftover taint from yesterdays drink.

The design is simple, classic, and will never be ‘grown out of’ – which is a good job, as I expect this bottle to be around for some years yet.

The Classic 18oz Klean Kanteen comes in a range of colours, and will set you back just under £17.

Author: Laura

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