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We’ve had the Fisher Price Kids Tough Digital Cameras on review – ostensibly for Jolly, who at 6/7 is just too young (and ham-fisted) to trust with a proper camera. But as much as he loves it, as soon as he puts it down it is picked up by Bear. Well, it’s supposed to be tough enough to handle a toddler, so we let her to see what would happen (in the interests of serious reviewing of course, and nothing whatsoever to do with tantrum-avoidance defence mechanism if we tried to remove it from her hot little grasp).


What a surprise this turned out to be.

The full review is coming oh-so-shortly over on LittleStuff, but I thought you might like a sneak peek at just what kind of pics a camera which can be bounced all the way down the stairs (oh yes, it can; we’ve seen it) takes in the hands of small children:

(NB – these are all straight out of camera, no photoshop has touched these images…)

This is one Jolly took when he snuck up on Bear.

And this is her once she knew he was taking a picture…

Bear decided Boy would enjoy a photo shoot 30 seconds after he got up. He didn’t.

The first of many self portraits… Naturally she is her own favourite subject.

I so love this. I also love that she figured out putting the camera on the floor and lying down in front of it.

No, the quality isn’t the best, and the file sizes are small, and the colours are off. But they remind me of old polaroid images, and I LOVE downloading them, seeing what they’ve come up with. Not to mention the fact that I don’t wince too badly when I hear the camera clatter to the floor or bouncing down the stairs. Again.

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