Do your kids love Minecraft? Get a whopping 50% off in the Code Kingdoms Back to School sale!

We’ve got something special this school year for Minecraft fans!


With computing now featured heavily on the school curriculum, it’s becoming pretty clear that coding is an essential skill for kids to learn. In tomorrow’s world, skills in coding and computational thinking will be needed even more than they are now, and kids who get ahead on this stuff will have access to loads of incredible opportunities in the future.

Coding empowers kids to make their own apps, websites, and technology; it’s a skill that will help them put their stamp on the world, and express their creativity. But there’s just one problem – it can seem really boring and difficult to kids and adults alike!

Code Kingdoms have cracked this particular case. With Code Kingdoms, your kids can learn how to code with Minecraft!

A Code Kingdoms account comes with access to a huge library of self-guided video courses

– teaching your kids how to make their own games and projects within Minecraft using code. 

You also get a multiplayer server for Minecraft, so your kids can play with their friends and show off their creations.

The Code Kingdoms Code Editor your kids will use to make their projects is specially designed to be beginner-friendly for kids as young as 8. It’s trusted by the BBC and used in every secondary school in the country as part of the BBC micro:bit program. Not only that, it teaches a real programming language called Java, used by millions of software developers around the world every day!

All of this is bundled up with live chat support 7 days a week, so your kids can get on with their projects and if they ever get stuck, Code Kingdoms experts will be around to help.

There’s nothing to download or set up – it’s all accessed from your web browser. All you need is a copy of Minecraft (everything except the versions for games consoles will work) and you’re good to go!

Code Kingdoms are offering a massive 50% discount on their lifetime subscriptions as part of their Back to School sale. There’s only 50 discounts available though, so if you want to help your kids get a head-start on their future by sparking an interest in one of the most important skills of the 21st century, you’ll need to get in quick!

Claim your discount here: 

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  1. You say it is 50% off. But what is the actual price. I can’t seem to locate that.
    Thank you.

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