It’s #FixItFriday – and your challenge this weekend is to freshen up the walls!

We’ve been astounded by the popularity of our recent #TinyRoomMakeover – it seems we’re not the only ones who have struggled with what to do with a really tiny child’s bedroom.
So we’re really excited to be working with Homebase over the next few weeks on a new series, called #FixItFriday. This isn’t about the complete dramatic makeover of rooms – this is all about a quick fix, and how a relatively simple and cost-effective solution can totally change a space. Sometimes, a few simple changes can give your room the added energy you’re looking for and a completely fresh new look.

This week’s #FixItFriday is all about the walls – if you’re looking for a dramatic change to the look & feel of the room, the obvious first step is to change the walls. Recently I was astounded at the dramatic transformation we made simply by painting the walls a different colour. But repainting isn’t really a terribly quick fix – it’s messy and requires moving and covering furniture, not to mention the amount of time and coats it requires. But if you’re not feeling like painting you can still make a dramatic change – wallpaper is your friend here! Simply creating one feature wall can be a quick and painless way to bring a contemporary touch to a plain room.

Ninfa Imperia yellow flower wallpaper designer

(I’ve fallen a bit in love with this yellow peony Ninfa design by Lorca)

Wallpaper requires less time, and comes in an endless array of designs that paint simply doesn’t offer you. Obviously you can go to extremes and choose a delicious designer brand – I spotted the above yellow peony roll of of deliciousness at, and at £52 a roll if you’re just doing one wall it’s not going to break your bank balance.

But if you’re looking for something a little kinder to the wallet, then try your local high street stores. Homebase a fabulous collection of wallpapers and I think they might surprise even a wallpaper snob with the choice of style. Personally I have a few rolls of this amazing V&A Chinoiserie  already in my shopping basket. The trailing Chinoiserie peony design has been reproduced from a fragment of hand-painted wallpaper from Canton, China. And it’s so beautiful!

vintage turquoise floral wallpaper birds

The V&A Chinoiserie Wallpaper in Jade is just £19.99 a roll

If what you want is simpler still, then as we found out recently wall decals are your friend! They’re so flexible – you can use inspirational quotes on a  long hall way wall, large artistic images to create a splash on a large space, fun cartoons are fabulous for freshening up a kids room, or create a simple pattern to freshen up a room with ten minutes effort.

Yellow blossom floral wallpaper on grey

I was done. I was. But then my eye tripped over this little square of beauty – soft grey Harmony wallpaper with pretty zesty yellow blossom sprigs. And at under £10 a roll I’m not sure I can resist it…

So – there’s your #FixItFriday challenge. How are you going to liven up your walls this weekend?

Author: Laura

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