Is it a bird? Is it a Plane, is it even a sleeping bag?…No, its a SLPY!

Oh my – this is something you’re going. to. LOVE.

The SLPY, at first glance, is a sleeping bag; a sleeping bag with a few extra zips and flaps.
But it is so much more.
The SLPY is a wearable sleeping bag that looks great and keeps you warm. It comes in all kinds of crazy cool colours (Pink, Orange, White, Blue, Green and Black… I went for the brilliantly vibrant Orange). But what sets the SLPY apart from a normal sleeping bag is that you can wear it as you would wear a coat!


No.1 son in that half-awake comatose travelling state, cosied up in his slpy.


The SLPY is (when it is fully done up) is a mummy-styled sleeping bag. But it has two zips on either side to allow arm holes, and a zip at the bottom to allow your feet to poke through! Once your feet are through, a quick drawstring and it bunches above your knees; allowing you to wear it as you would a rather large, fluffy and snug coat!
Couple that with the pockets, the hood and the sheer warmth the product gives you – it is a fantastic design.

No.1 son (seen gracefully modelling the Slpy in all the pictures… he hates me for showing you them…) used it travelling around Italy for nearly a month. Not only was it his main sleeping bag, but he used it while travelling too. He found it his favourite thing ever when he was struck down by an ear infection, and was able to simply cosy up inside the hood and rest. And the nights we camped in the Alps he declared it as warm as toast to sleep in.

The design is so simple; you may be thinking that you could live without it. But trust us. You NEED one. No.1 has it out permanently now we’re home too – he suffers form the cold, and LOVES to sit in it at his PC. HIs arms and hands are free for gaming, and he can simply poke his feet through and wander downstairs to make himself a cup of tea without ever leaving the snugness.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 15.45.13

He loves his SLPY THi-i-i-iiis much… (and his mother a little less so for posting unflattering pictures of him on the interwebs)


The design not only looks great, but feels great and feels well-made and durable. It is marketed at “people who love festivals, backpacking, couch surfing, skating, snowboarding, triathlons, climbing, camping, skiing, wake boarding, BMX, kayaking, or any other excuse to embrace the outdoors.”
We all personally adore it (and wish they;d sent five more… we all try stealing it when no1’s not looking…).
As no.1 says:
“It’s simple, it’s clever and now I have one – I couldn’t live without it. The SLPY is an incredible product and is becoming more and more invaluable now the winter months are approaching, we all love the feeling of thick socks and jumpers on a winter’s day, well now you’ll have a new Item to add to that list! It would also make a great Christmas present!”

The Slpy is available direct for £119 in adult sizes, and £99 for kids sizes.

Author: Courtenay

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