Interesting ways to get a cash injection you may not have thought of

We could all use a little cash boost now and then. Especially as we head towards the end of the month – suddenly our bank accounts don’t look as healthy as they once did. With all spending on hold, there’s never been a better time to look for ways to get a cash injection! 

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Maybe you want some help covering the bills, you’re building a holiday fund for the trip of a lifetime, you’re saving towards a house deposit or you’re looking for a side hustle to keep your spending money flowing, here we’ll take a look at some interesting ways you can enjoy a cash injection, that you may not have thought of.

Selling your old gold

Broken, damaged and unhallmarked gold is often stuffed into the back of a drawer or jewellery box and forgotten about. It doesn’t feel right to throw it away, and yet no one will want to buy it in its current condition. But, did you know that selling your old and unwanted gold items could provide you with the cash injection you’ve been looking for? 

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Whether you want to part with broken chains or earrings, or you want to sell gold sovereign coins, you’ll always get the latest price for your old, unwanted gold at And you can get your money the very same day, which means no hanging around and a quick cash boost when you need it most. Click the link to find out more about selling old gold.

Raid your closet

Sticking with the selling unwanted goods theme, you could have a hidden gold mine in your closet. From those designer sneakers, you only wore once, to that evening dress that still has the tag on, whether it’s gently used, never worn or something you wouldn’t be seen dead in, start selling your old clothes and accessories and watch the cash mount up. There are dozens of online selling sites, many of which don’t take a fee from your sales. Start taking photos and uploading your items, now.

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Recycle old ink

Whether you’re home-schooling the kids or working from home, if you’re regularly printing and swapping ink cartridges then you could be able to get some of your money back. Signing up to a cartridge recycling site and sending in your used cartridges is a quick and easy way to enjoy a cash injection. 

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We all shop online, and with current restrictions in place most of us are conducting all our shopping online, rather than hitting the high street, so make the most of it. TopCashback and Quidco are the top cashback sites you might want to consider signing up to. You’ll find daily deals and cashback percentages on all your favourite shopping sites, just follow the instructions on the site to get your money and start shopping! 

And finally, enter competitions 

Are you feeling lucky? If so, then you could be in the running for cash prizes and other amazing rewards that you could then sell on for cash. Online competitions are hugely popular, so sign up to as many as you can, follow the instruction and cross your fingers! 

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