Ink Cartridges. Holy Crapoly they cost!

It’s all very well having all this modern tech at home, but seriously; you need to watch some of it.
Kindle books can sneak up a fortune when they’re only a couple of pound a time – but there are six of you in the  house who possess kindles, or the kindle app on their tablet, and all are voracious readers.

Digital downloads of films and TV shows are another – we were staggered recently when we realised how quickly the movies we’ve paid for on Box Office, AppleTV and the like have added up just since Christmas (over £100 just on grown-ups-night-in movie watching!).

And the bane of my life – printer cartridges.

Printer Cartridges - image courtesy of Shuterstock

Printer Cartridges – image courtesy of Shuterstock

Any Home Educator will tell you that the printer is one of your most essential pieces of kit. Plus there’s the fact that we run two businesses from home too. We need a decent printer, and we need to keep a stock of printer cartridges on standby. And the actual buying of them is such a pain – I have to triple check the exact code of the exact one I need, there are so many flipping choices. Always better to make the pain minimal by buying more than you need… but lummy, the price adds up!

We own a really rather marvellous Canon (the Pixma MX925, if you’re really interested – great scanner and copier, too) at the moment, but we seem to work through them rather regularly. Our last few were Epson, and before that we had Canons again. All have been good – but only as good as the ink you put in them.

And for us, the cost of the inks pretty soon outstrip the cost of the printer itself! So we’re always on the look out for the best deal on purchasing them – and recently that’s been Cartridge Discount. Reassuringly they’re a real life retailer (based just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne. I don’t know why that’s reassuring, but it is. So there). They have a huge range of products at unbeatable prices, and all cartridges they sell come with 100% guarantee.

It’s not just the cheapest of the cheap cartridges they stock – you have the choice of purchasing original, compatible AND remanufactured inkjet and toner cartridges. I’ve tried all three types over the years, and have always found the quality of the finished product depends very much on where you buy them. Let’s just say I’ve never had an issue with a single cartridge I’ve bought from Cartridge Discount.

And I love that I can just search for my printer (which is oh-so-handily printed on the front of my printer) rather than me needing to rummage around for the individual ink cartridge specific codes).



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