The Influence of Childhood Mental Health on Adulthood


Experts call a child’s mental health the most important part of their social and cognitive development. For a child to live up to their potential and live a happy and well-adjusted life, they must have a healthy frame of mind. Good mental health is also tied to wanting what’s best for themselves and those around them. Understanding childhood mental health is an important first step in protecting children around the world.


Mental Health Causes


Several factors play a role in a child’s mental health. The most important is that a child is raised in a loving and compassionate way, such that it builds trust and understanding between guardian and child. Children raised in homes where there is a lot of anger, neglect, distrust, resentment and general negativity are at a higher risk of suffering from mental health problems. However, these children can thrive when caregivers are proactive and attentive to their mental health needs.


While some children experience mental health issues as a result of their home life or general environment, others are born with mental health problems. Rather than being blamed on nuture, these issues can be blamed on nature. Such children have a natural propensity for depression or anxiety and that is due to how their brain is hardwired. For these children, intervention and treatment is necessary so they can live a happy and fulfilling life.

Childrens mental health matters

Problems That Arise

Kids who have mental health issues will have some degree of difficulty in many areas of life. The biggest thing that these kids face is that they have the risk of growing up and putting their own children through the same thing. They are also at a higher risk of substance abuse and other negative life choices, though proper care can help reduce this risk. The key is that kids with mental health problems receive consistent and effective care throughout their childhood.

Mental health problems are linked to a lowered self esteem, negative feelings, poor performance in school and making unhealthy lifestyle choices in adulthood. When these children are given the care they need, they have a much better chance of learning how to function despite their mental illness and are able to build successful and happy lives. Finding children a reputable therapist or psychiatrist can make all the difference that is needed in helping them succeed in life, when young and as they grow older. Top doctors will recommend this course of action/therapy.


Children who suffer from mental health problems are not doomed to a lifetime of bad choices and unhealthy living situations. Through therapy and medication, many of them can learn to cope with their symptoms and overcome the stigma associated with their condition. Many will go on to lead harmonious and peaceful lives that defy the odds they faced when starting their lives.


There are a lot of wonderful care providers that can help both children with mental illnesses and their families learn to navigate the condition. Parents who make the effort and take the time to care for their mentally ill child give him the head start he needs for a great life.



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