I’m Looking at Towel Rails. It’s Time. (No, really. Come Look.)

Okay. A while back now, I wrote a post about my dream bathroom (what’s that you say? You want to read What this Woman Craves from Her Dream Bathroom? Oh, go on then, as you asked so nicely), including a new radiator, towel rails and dear gods something other than 90’s blue tiling on the walls. It was a while ago now – and in it I was brave enough to show you my current bathroom in it’s glorious detail. Don’t think that qualifies as ‘brave’? Go read it and tell me I’m not living life on the edge, taking a wee next to that radiator every day.

Anyhoo, there I was *ahem* sitting next to the radiator, when I realised that it still hadn’t been changed. Here we are, a year later, STILL blithely ignoring the rust which is eating it from the bottom up, presuming it’ll just keep right on battling and containing the water system of the whole house running through it’s tired and disintegrating old interior.

And it occurred to me that was an incredibly STUPID thig to do. Because the cost of replacing a radiator is a few hundred pounds. the cost of replacing a bathroom suite, a bathroom floor, a dining room ceiling and redecorating that whole said of the house? much much more – and there’s no way the house insurance will pay out for damage caused by a radiator simply rotting through under our very eyes.

So I had a poke through the BathroomTakeaway site at their heated towel rail options, and this is what I’ve come up with.

flat heated towel rail

A flat heated towel rail for the small bit of wall between the shower and the airing cupboard. It currently holds one bar, which sticks out too far for either door to open completely. This will allow a family of towels to dit warm and ready – when there’s six of you sharing one bathroom you have to keep in mind the big picture.
This is the Bergen Towel rail by Warme Haus™ – the shining chrome finish will lighten the dark end of the bathroom, and it comes with a 10yr guarantee. £80.

Although with a little more budget I’d be quite tempted by this Kristiansund designer heated towel rail – less traditional, and yet not so achingly sharp in its looks that it would feel odd in any bathroom. At £200 it’s not a huge investment though… so maybe I’ll be swayed…

And to replace that radiator? I want one of these babies. I know I could go contemporary with something sleek and crisp – but for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted a big Victorian radiator to warm my towels on. And now’s my chance.
It’s a small room in the warmest part of the house, it doesn’t need a big radiator. This will work perfectly.
It’s the Salzburg traditional Victorian chrome and white towel radiator by Warme Haus™ – a perfect combination of small radiator and a rail for the warming of the fluffiest huge bath sheet to enfold myself in when I get out of the shower.
It’s currently reduced to £110 too – hang on sec, I’m just adding it to my basket right now…

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