I’m looking at… LED Bathroom Mirrors

I’ll be honest – I didn’t even know that LED Bathroom Mirrors were a thing.
Does anyone else leave their bathroom mirror light on as an ‘evening ‘ light? We don’t leave the main light on, obviously, but over the years (and four kids) we’ve found that if we leave the over mirror light on in the darker winter evenings, the kids won’t put the hall or main light on – and therefore forget to switch them off again.
But ours is an old mini fluorescent tube type light – cheap to leave on, obviously, but it does get hot, and every couple of years it needs replacing when it goes pop.
Not only is it not the most environmentally friendly, but it also now looks very dated – actually, you can see how it looks in this post where I told you what this woman craves in a dream bathroom.

So I’ve been looking at alternatives – and was pretty happy to take the word of the experts at BathroomTakeaway who stepped in to point me in the direction of LED Bathroom Mirrors.

No, I hadn’t really noticed them either… But Look!

LED Bathroom Mirrors

Sleek and contemporary, this LED Bathroom mirror is the Alpha by Aquariss. I love it – the soft lights are rear-facing, so it’s just a bright glow, and the rounded edges give it a real minimalist feel. It also has a super-swish ‘demister pad’ to make sure you’re not squeaking at the fogged up glass with your wet post-hot-shower fingers.
NB – it’s main-powered, so it will need to be connected by an electrician (no problem, though, if you’ve already got a light fitting over your bathroom mirror, the connections ready and waiting for them.
£180 from BathroomTakeaway.

This is the Bally LED Bathroom Mirrors from Aquariss again, and I’m thinking with the forward-facing light it’d be ace for doing your make up in! This one’s more about lighting up the person looking in, than providing an atmospheric glow to the room. You can hang it portrait or landscape so it’ll fit most bathrooms, and it also has the demister pad – but again, it does need to be installed by an electrician.
£160 from BathroomTakeaway

Battery LED Bathroom Mirrors

This humble little sister is the ‘Snow’, and it’s a battery powered LED Mirror. So you can hang it wherever you so choose, and you can fit it all by yourself; it just needs 8 x AA batteries. It’s a simple solution to a dark bathroom corner – those cool LED’s are going to make any space feel bigger and brighter.
£65 BathroomTakeaway

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LED Bathroom Mirrors

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