I’m a bit too much in love with these smart radiators.

We were really lucky when we bought our house 25 years ago – the previous owner had been a gas engineer, and naturally he’d installed a seriously good heating system. When we were visited by an energy saving expert, she actually praised us for the fact that we have thermostat controls for both upstairs and downstairs, allowing us to just heat the parts of the house we’re using. We’re very big on zonal heating – I hate wasting energy heating areas of the house that no one’s in. But turning individual radiators in all the rooms on and off as necessary is just a huge faff that no one’s ever going to commit to, right?

Of an evening, once the children are all tucked up in their rooms there is absolutely no need for heating upstairs – we light the fire in the living room, and the gentle warmth that creates spreads through the boys rooms above. Bear on the other side of the house never needs any heating on – the hot water pipes run under her floor, and she’s always toasty!

If you’re home alone all day you want to be warm, of course – but  you don’t really need to heat the whole house just for you when you’re only in one room at a time, do you? No matter how efficient your heating system is, if it’s not heating the right areas at the right time it’s wasted money. Which is the exact issue which made us sit up and notice the Haverland SmartWave Electric Radiator.

(I know, but honestly, stay with me – the excitement comes when you understand it.)

The SmartWave has a built in infrared sensor that monitors the activity around the radiator.

And it learns, too. No, really! In the first week of operation, the SmartWave will simply heat whenever it senses movement.
Throughout the week the radiator will register and record any movement in the room, and use it to work out your weekly routine.
The next week, the radiator will heat the room in line with that routine – heating up 30 minutes before it expects you to arrive in a room.

So each room in your house will be warm and cosy whenever you need it – without wasting any energy heating the empty rooms. And for those of us with a slightly more erratic schedule – you don’t have to stick to a routine to ensure your heating stays efficient; the motion sensor just keeps on working for you, meaning the SmartWave can easily adapt. It will automatically switch off if it senses no movement for 30 minutes – but automatically switch on when it senses someone’s in the room.

And unlike electric radiators of old, you won’t be waiting for half an hour for it to warm up; the radiators use fast-acting dry thermal elements which heat up quickly and provide a comfortable balance of radiated and convected heat. And they don’t do that warm-the-small-area-in-front-of-their -face either; the smartwave will heat up to 5.5m2. More than enough to warm a room in most modern houses.

And of course, there’s no need for an expensive installation process by heating engineers – they’re simply plug ‘n go. You can wall mount them, or purchase feet to use them freestanding – the flexibility is a huge bonus. We can’t have our central heating system extended into our conservatory without a lot of expensive work – way beyond our DIY capabilities. But one of these smartwave radiators is the perfect alternative – we can do this ourselves, and finally have a warm and cosy room we can actually use in the colder months!

Plus there’s the fact that these radiators aren’t ugly (who knew radiator design was thing? not me…). I know, that shouldn’t be the biggest issue when thinking about heating your home – but really, these are SO much nicer than the old 1980’s traditional radiators adorning my walls! And with a lifetime guarantee on the radiator body they’re going to stay looking pretty for a long time.
And yes, for those asking about the ‘smart’ label – there’s even the option for wifi control – purchase with a Haverland SmartBox, and all Smartwave radiators can be controlled from the Haverland app on phones, tablets and laptops

The Haverland Wi3 SmartWave Self-Learning Electric Radiator is available at Electric Radiators Direct.

Author: Laura

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