I *heart* The Monster In My Kitchen… (Thank You Samsung)

I. Love. This. Fridge.

It’s officially called the Samsung G-Series RFG23DERS American Fridge Freezer. But round these parts, it’s just known as The Monster.

It’s huge – and it’s beautiful.

When Samsung asked if I’d like one in my kitchen, I laughed a bit. Clearly they weren’t actually serious.

Turns out, they were.

This thing is HUGE. Seriously. It’s called the Monster for a reason. It’s 90cms – that’s 3′ – wide.

But… it’s so well-designed, so practical to use, to cleverly thought out, so darn PRETTY…. it’s the most loveable monster I’ve ever met.

We all know kitchen appliances are not things to get excited about. They’re just… dull.

Until, that is, you meet a good one.

Then all of a sudden you become a bit of an evangelical bore on the subject.

This fridge? I can talk on it for hours…

But firstly you do need to check the size – it is genuinely enormous, and probably won’t fit in a lot of kitchens (we actually had to take out a cupboard to fit it in).The fridge is double-doored – but they both open onto one cavernous interior, there’s no separating central divider. It is as big as an old-fashioned pantry, and it’s a bit like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag – it just keeps on accommodating whatever you try to put in it.

The doors hold stacks of cheese/butter/milk/orange juice, the shelves are capacious (and they have ingenious fold-and-slidey super powers to make room for bigger / taller stuff), the salad trays have individual humidity controls, the pantry tray at the bottom will hold whole plates of food, the freezer has a fabulous two-tier-tray  mechanism which means you can make use of the huge depth without having to constantly rummage up to your frozen elbow for the fish fingers. Even the tap on the front gives you options of cubed or crushed ice or just cold water…

For once, this Christmas the extra little fridge in our conservatory will only be used for drinks, and not for the overflow of turkey/stuffing/cheesecake that just won’t fit in the kitchen fridge.

If you were to ever dream about the The Best Fridge In The World… this is it.

You can buy the Samsung G-Series RFG23DERS American Fridge Freezer at most large Kitchen Appliance stores, and prices vary: I’ve seen it for anything between £1600 and £2000

Author: Laura

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  1. I need this fridge!! With five children it would be a godsend!

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  2. Oh God, why do I never get asked to review awesome enormous fridges??? Jealous!!

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