I have fallen for a bike. It’s PRETTY.


I need a new bike.

My current bike is a magnificent Muddy Fox which I inherited from my Brother in law – 20 years ago. It’s fabulous, and a classic, and an excellent bike which I have no right to replace, really… but it’s old, and past its best, and really Not Very Pretty.

So every now and again I meander through the bike shops, oohing at the lovely bikes that I’d really really like to own instead. I think the old vintage style shopping-basket-baskets are adorable. But most of my cycling is on rough country tracks, cycle paths in forests and converted railway lines. A bike that’s designed for popping to the shop simply isn’t going to cut it.

But then I saw THIS little baby over in Leisure Lakes Bikes. Isn’t she gorgeous? Look at her lines! Here elegant chic! And the colour! *swoons happily*


The Cube Axial Claris Womens Racing Road Bike 2015 is apparently ‘an incredibly well balanced and versatile Road Bike that is perfect for any female rider, from relaxed touring to high intensity climbs’. Yup, sounds like me then. What? I’m female! *cough*
The top quality frame and reliable set of components a great compromise between value and quality – giving you a bike to trust without breaking the bank. Made from a high-quality Superlite aluminium, the frame of the Cube Axial Claris is nothing short of brilliant, finding the ideal balance between weight and stiffness for an effortless ride (ooh, we do like ‘effortless. Though somehow I think they might be lying. Pretty sure uphill will still feel like uphill…), ‘complete with WLS Geometry to keep you in a relaxed and compact position that makes sure you remain efficient at all times’. Yeah, I don’t know what WLS geometry is either, but it definitely sounds like  Good Thing.

Like I said – it’s pretty! Look at the lovely colour!

The Cube Axial Claris Womens Racing Road Bike 2015 can be yours for a pedal under £600 – and if you head over to Leisure Lakes Bikes there’s loads of properly important information and technical specs that I don’t really understand very much. I’ll jsut go back to admitring it a bit…
(and I’m kidding – do not buy a bike because it’s pretty. At least not just because it’s pretty. Investigate it will actually do what you need it to do as well, yes?)

Author: Laura

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