Hue Animation Studio? S’good. (Stop Motion Animation Software for Children)

My boys LOVE to create stop-motion clips. They can spend hours setting up scenes and telling stories – No.1 son, while his M.E. was chronic, really delved deep into the stop motion arts, as it’s a fabulous activity for a house-bound 10yr old with limitless enthusiasm and zero energy. He would use his digital camera, and create image after image before loading them into the computer and stringing them together… and that’s where it always fell apart. Finding really good, simple software which didn’t need me to sell one of his brothers to buy it was almost impossible.

So when Hue Animation Studio was sent for us to try out he literally crowed with delight. They all did.

I handed the box over, them being the experts not me, and let them see what they made of it. Literally.

They quickly moved on from the plasticine modelling (took too long, apparently – they wanted to get on and DO stuff) to using lego.

This is what they did first…

The films have subsequently become longer, more complex, more skilled and MUCH funnier – I can never wait to see what they have come up with next.

Hue Animation Studio?

It’s ace.

Really truly fabulously brilliant.

The camera looks great, and works perfectly.

The software is even better – simple enough for the 8yr old to use alone, advanced enough for the 12yr old wannabe-pro-animator to be content with it.

The only issues we had were with the camera’s build – the base just isn’t heavy or large enough to bend the camera way down low (lego men are teeny tiny low down short men, y’know) or out sideways without it tipping over – we had an ingenious array of props set up to fix this issue (the bear holding the nerf gun was my favourite solution).

Best of all for me was watching where the boys imagination’s took them. I have never been so astounded as when I have watched their patience in the creation (literally taking 100’s of stills with the slightest of movements in each frame), the humour in the stories they have created, and the sheer ease with which they created their finished films. And they just keep going back for more.

Seriously – if you’re looking for something creative, absorbing and endlessly entertaining for the children, you simply can’t go wrong with the Hue Animations Studio kit.

The complete childrens stop motion kit can currently  be bought from the Hue Animation website for a flicker under £60! Bargain!


Author: Laura

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  1. Wow! Your boys are very talented! Can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

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  2. My husband created the software for this package. It is fabulous for getting children animating. Watch for exciting developments coming soon x

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    • Wow *impressed face*
      He did a GREAT job!

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