How We’re Going Mad for Wooden Summerhouses In The Garden

 A wooden summerhouse was originally intended for people to relax and enjoy some cool shade during a hot summer days. These days, ‘summerhouses’ are increasingly popular because of their versatility; they can be anything you want!

A summerhouse may serve as a perfect guest house, or a separate living space for your growing children. It’s a useful outside space for garden parties, or (my own favourite use of our own summer house) you can easily transform it into office space you are able to work in.

Plus, with an eye to the future, it can be a nice investment; a useable garden building can increase your property value by 5%!

Gain A Room

In effect, having a wooden summerhouse gives you an extra room. Once your kids are old enough to play unsupervised, moving them to the bottom of the garden not only gives them some independence and space, but also moves their mess out of your eyeline! It’s not a new idea – remember Enid Blyton’s Wishing Chair stories? Yes – the chair was stored in the playroom at the bottom of the garden.

Of course, if you want the summerhouse to be extra guest accommodation (or a year-round useable space) then you’ll need more than the basic wooden structure – insulation’s essential, electricity is nearly as important and running water would be a nice bonus!


At the very least, a garden building is an essential way to enjoy your garden throughout a predictable British summer – with a solid roof and a couple of comfortable chairs, even the rainiest evening in July can be spent outside with a drink and maybe a rug.

Limited Space?

No problem – they come in all shapes and sizes. Ours barely fits two chairs in it, but it’s more then big enough for me to use as an office in the summer. With the house WiFi reaching down the garden, I can easily work with zero interruptions, even when it’s raining or the house is full.

This one is only 6′ x 6′ – small enough to fit in almost any garden.

And there are is an almost limitless choice of styles and designs, including vintage, futuristic, or Asia-inspired themes to reflect your personal ideas, taste and desires.

So whether you want to create additional storage space, add an extra room for your teenagers, or set up an office for yourself, a wooden summerhouse could be the easiest cheapest answer – much MUCH easier than an extension! On top of that, the investment will eventually pay itself, adding value to your property.

If you are looking to get a wooden summerhouse of your own for your garden, check Quick Garden products here.

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