How to trap even the smartest rat

If you are rat owner or a chef and your name is Ratatouille, you might want to stop reading right here. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say rats are the Janice of all rodents.They seem impossible to get rid of plus they tend to make freakishly annoying squeaking noises. While there are people that do enjoy the company of rats, there are also many that do not.

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Especially during this time of the year, the number of rats increases due to temperatures dropping and heavy rain. Wherefore most people aren’t pleased to discover so very many rats hushing through the streets, or even worse through their beloved homes. However, not only weather causes rats to leave the sewer systems to come above ground, but also the delicious scent of food that has carelessly been dumped on the streets. While polluting the environment is already bad as it is, it also attracts rodents like rats, which then again carry diseases to the surface. Even the smallest bits of food, that you might not even notice, such as food from your bird feeder can attract rats in search of nourishment. Especially in London, you best keep an eye out for tell tale signs and do your methods of pest control to ward them away. There are reputable companies in this area like Pest Control London that you can hire to solve your problem.

If you suspect that you might have a rat problem in your home, you’re going to want to check your entire house for possible holes or breaks in your walls. What many don’t know is that rats have extremely sharp teeth that are harder than iron, hence they can chew their way through anything. In case there are areas in your home that might allow rats to gnaw themselves into, you should consider covering those holes with either wire wood or cement. Despite blocking all possible entrances for the rats, putting up traps is another way to prevent your home from becoming a rat kingdom. The most commonly used kind is the spring trap. You place any form of bait on it and wait for the rat to try to steal it. If you’re lucky and the rat is foolish enough to fall for it, the trap snaps and kills the rats. While this way is morally questionable, it often doesn’t even work since the rats eventually learn what the trap does and simply avoid it.

While we all can agree that having a rat problem in your home is anything else than pleasant, we can choose how we deal with such an issue. There are in fact cruelty-free ways of removing rodents from your home. Most pest exterminators nowadays use rat cages to trap rats. What they do is pretty much self-explanatory, as with the spring trap, a food bait is placed in the cage. When the rodent enters the cage, its movement triggers a mechanism that triggers the door to close immediately. Another very effective way to keep rats away from your home is to put up an ultrasonic electromagnetic device. The way it operates is that it sends out a high-pitched frequency that is unbearable to rodents but imperceptible to humans and non-pest pets.

So, keep in mind, to prevent rats from invading your home be very Monica Geller about food laying around and try to cover any possible entrances that a rat might fit into. And, yes, it is okay to like Ratatouille but hate all other rats.

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