How to set up a home office

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Do you occasionally work from home? Or do you have a hobby that requires an office for an optimal outcome? Get advice on how to create a cosy home office that ensures your productivity in the best possible way. The room that surrounds you can help you be even more creative and productive, thereby helping you to be the best version of yourself.

Create a functional office for workdays at home

If you tend to work from home now and then, it is important that you have a good workspace. This includes choosing a table and a chair that you can sit comfortably in without straining your back or neck. 

Additionally, you should create a pleasant and inspiring environment where you can immerse yourself in various work assignments. It is different from person to person what inspires and motivates them, and you ought to figure out what drives you

The right lighting will also have an immense effect on your mood and ability to concentrate. For that reason, it may prove to be a good idea to place your computer desk in front of a window. This way, you are guaranteed as much natural lighting as possible. A good work lamp is also recommended.

Separate your office from your home space

A great piece of advice is to separate your office from your home space. You should feel comfortable in your office, but if you feel too much “at home”, it may be hard for you to concentrate for a longer period of time. An optimal workspace is one that makes you feel productive. 

Furthermore, if you often work at home, it is important that you are able to separate working hours from your free time. This is more straightforward if you physically separate your workspace from the space where you go to relax. It is far too easy to work overtime if you place yourself on your sofa with the laptop because then you can quickly lose track of time. 

Choose the right desk and chair 

To create a good work environment, you should ensure that your desk fits you. If the table is either too low or too high, your posture will not be optimal, and you may experience back pains or other problems. You can end up sitting in front of your laptop for many hours, and therefore, your work position is paramount. 

It is also wise to contemplate your requirements and work assignments when you have to decide on a new desk. Can you easily and unhindered perform your different tasks at the table? And do you have the necessary storage space? What kind of material should you choose for your desk for it to work well with your different assignments? Ask yourself questions such as these. There are no right or wrong answers when you are decorating your office space at home. It should match your needs. 

At vidaXL, you will be able to choose between various desks that ensure your comfort. Not only can you find different sizes and colours. You will also be able to choose how much storage space you need. Some prefer to have a lot of drawers that they can use for pens and papers, whereas others would rather have a clean desk with only a few drawers that need to be held tidy. 

Once you have nailed down a desk, you must match your desk with a suitable office chair. Choosing an ergonomic chair will spare your back as well as the rest of your body. With a chair such as this, you can get the right support throughout the entire day.

Make a nice atmosphere with green plants

The furniture for your office is not the only important thing. It is also a good idea to surround yourself with objects that you enjoy looking at – such as plants. Not only do they contribute to a nice and stress-free atmosphere, but they also help provide a better indoor climate. This is especially advantageous when you spend several hours in the same room. 

Plants come in many shapes and sizes and with many different needs. For that reason, you can easily find a plant that fits into a darker office with limited sunlight as well as the opposite. If you know you tend to forget to water your plants, you can also choose a variant that does not require much care. 

Besides filling the room with green plants, you can add beautiful paintings or personal photographs on your walls in order to make a homey atmosphere. Painting your walls in a nice colour can also contribute to your creativity and overall well-being.

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