How To Save Space Via These 6 Home Renovation Ideas

Simple home renovations may not need the help of a skilled builder. You just have to base your decisions on how you wanted to live in your small space. However, for more complicated renovations you have to set aside enough budget to pay for a professional contractor. You have to plan the entire renovation efficiently especially if you are renovating on a limited budget and want to have it as a DIY project. Below are some useful tips on how you can save space as you renovate.

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Prioritise Ingenuity in the Kitchen.

Renovating a small kitchen would require storage concepts that allow one to just pull-it-out, tuck it in or swap around. These are space-saving concepts that make the entire small kitchen stylish and functional. The professionals behind the Trusted Services Group highly suggest that one should prioritise ingenuity for function while taking into consideration the shortage of surface when renovating small kitchens. Things like built-in racks and pull-out drawers can help save much space without sacrificing functionality. Avoid relying much on floor space but look for furniture that multitasks. 

Raise the Bed, Let More Light In

Innovation should be your first choice if you are looking to renovate a small space. Think about making the bedroom looking less overwhelmed. Elevating the bed above the bedroom floor will allow more space than you can utilize. In turn, you can have enough space for your table, closet, chairs, and other bedroom essentials. Do not forget to let the light in. Avoid crowding your windows with big curtains. Window treatment must be kept to a minimum so you can make the most of the light coming in from the outside. Having natural light entering your bedroom can make your small space look unfussy. You may prefer to hang flat panels of voile or lace. You can also use plain roller blinds. Lastly, do not forget custom made furniture and rest assured that it is going to be a worthwhile investment especially if you are looking to stay in the same small home for several years onwards. 

Create Storage Spaces in the Ceiling

The ceiling has so much unused space. Consider creating storage blocks in these areas when renovating your home. However, this kind of task requires expert knowledge. It is best to hire a home renovation contractor who will help you create a space for storage in your ceiling. This will not only maximize the space you have in your little home. It will also make your ceiling look more functional. Put those items that you do not use every day in these storage blocks in the ceiling. 

Always Incorporate Built-in Storage

Built-in fixtures are a must-have when renovating living rooms that have limited space. If you have an odd-looking bump-out at your window, try transforming this into a window seat. Do not forget to incorporate built-in storage underneath it. Maximize the use of your wall by creating storage spaces around it. Creating a small nook to cater to a small settee would also be great to add extra seating without consuming much space in your living room. A piece of space-saving furniture is a must for small living rooms. This is important especially if you have a loft in the city or a studio apartment. A three-seater sofa, one table, and a couple of chairs that are designed to be space-savvy and for multitasking would be ideal. 

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Don’t Keep All Your Stuff Within Reach Inside the Garage. 

You could be wasting so much space if all the things you put in your garage are just within easy reach. Install cabinets or deep shelving near your garage ceiling. These should be sturdy enough to hold seasonal stuff like your family’s camping equipment and holiday decorations. Moreover, a retractable roll-out shelf will prevent your garage from looking so cluttered. Say goodbye to those hanging objects that make your garage look too crowded. Instead, hire someone to create a compact folding workbench that also has enough room for storing several items. 

Develop a Fondness for Pocket Doors

If your current bathroom door swings inward consider changing it to a pocket door. The best thing about a pocket door is that it is non-intrusive. It slides into the wall to retract, helping you maximize the small space that you have for your bathroom. This may require you to reframe the wall and you may ask for help from an expert to do this. Do not worry about the adjoining room because this change will only take away a little space from it. 

One of the keys to a successful renovation project is to devise a goal. Next, come up with a blueprint or paint a picture on how you want your home to look like after renovation. Then, renovate each space one at a time as you keep in mind the tips mentioned in this article.

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