How to resist spending excessively before you get on holiday

Summer is here, which means one thing, it’s time for a summer holiday.

Us Brits love to go aboard, but this year many of us may be met with a nasty shock when it comes to our holiday spends. It was recently revealed that UK tourists won’t be getting as much for our money this year, especially when it comes to Euros.

This comes down to factors such as Brexit. But, as we can’t help it, below, you’ll find a few ways to stop yourself spending too much before you fly, so you can keep your money for when you land.

Before the airport

Paddington Station By Peteri | Shutterstock

The first way to avoid spending excessively before you go on holiday is to think about how you’re getting to the airport. Depending on where you’re flying from, there’ll be more than a few forms of public transport. Thameslink railway offer services from London Euston, London Victoria, Manchester Piccadilly, Liverpool, Bristol and trains from East Croydon to Gatwick Airport, alongside many other places.

There are also regional ways depending on the airport you use, including trains, trams and buses. But, these will be much cheaper than a taxi.

The Lounge

We all know airports are expensive. After all, you’re stuck in there until you fly, so where else are you going to buy food and drink?

Family in an airport lounge – Image By Olena Yakobchuk | Shutterstock

But, rather than falling prey to the high prices of the shops, bars and restaurants, why don’t you book yourself into one of the lounges? These offer a wider variety of food and drinks, many unlimited depending on what you pay for, ensuring you get much more during the time you’re there.

Many of these are up to a two-hour stay.

Plane food

Now, if there’s one thing that costs a lot it’s plane food. You’ll also feel ripped off as soon as it arrives mid-flight.

Yeah, I’m betting those in basic Economy didn’t get to eat this!
Image By DimaSid | Shutterstock

If you’re going on a long-haul flight, you may want to include a meal or one may be included in the price. But a short flight won’t call for one. However, if they’re not included, they can be extremely expensive.

Instead, buy food in the airport and take it on the plane with you. While this food is expensive too, it won’t cost nearly as much as it would on the plane.

Avoid duty-free

Now, we all know the perks of duty-free. It’s a place offering a wealth of food, drink, perfumes and everything else you can think of with a huge discount.

However, ask yourself – do you need this? While those bottles of gin might be half price compared to the local supermarket, would you buy them at that price at home, or are you just in holiday mode?

airport shopping image By Tooykrub | Shutterstock

Therefore, the best thing to do is to just walk straight through and save your cash for when you land.

So, this year, keep your airport and plane spending to a minimum and enjoy the money you have for when you’re under the glorious heat of your holiday.

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