How to Make a Modern Home Feel More Traditional

Although our hearts may desire a traditional home, with an open fireplace and original wooden features, our bank balance and saved deposit may only stretch to a new build. Buying a new property isn’t all bad; often you can choose the fittings and colour schemes prior to completion, the deposit required can be as low as 5%, and they’re usually fitted as standard with fire doors and other great features.

That being said, if you’ve always dreamed of a traditional feel to your home, the thought of everything being so shiny brand new may not be so appealing.

However, do not despair! There are tips and tricks to help give your new home a more classic feel. Admittedly it will take more than just redecorating and adding a few vintage bits of furniture, but if you follow some of these steps you’ll really notice the difference.

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The first thing you’re going to want to look at is the floor, as the perfect time to do any work on this is before you move all of your stuff in. For a more traditional feel you’re going to want to think about using a nice aged wood, then finish this with a rug that reflects the look you’re trying to achieve to add warmth to the room. If full wood flooring is above your budget, than take a look at wood-effect vinyl plank flooring – it’s warm, it’s waterproof and it’s a lot cheaper than wood, read more here.

If your property hasn’t yet been finished, you may be able to customise the fittings within it. There are certain elements within every room that will reflect that it is a new build, and these can easily be adapted for a more vintage feel. You want to think about the radiators and doors. Having nice traditional radiators instead of the plain white ones found in most modern homes will really change the look of a room, as will having naturally finished oak doors.

traditional radiator image courtesy of Shutterstock
traditional radiator image courtesy of Shutterstock

You should be able to choose your own doors for a small extra cost, and companies like Oakwood Doors offer an extensive range of traditional doors and fittings, like handles and skirting boards. These small amendments will make a huge difference to the look of your home. Your front door can also have a dramatic affect on the aesthetics of the outside of your house, the natural look of wood is always best, as it adds character and creates a nice welcoming feel to the home.
The bathroom is another place where you may be able to make small changes for maximum impact. Take a look at the fittings and combine the nice new bath and sink with more traditional taps and shower heads. You should also replace any wall mounted mirrors with a vintage medicine cabinet or classic looking mirror. You should take a look in antique and charity shops, you’d be surprised what you can find, and often at a great price.

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Within the kitchen you’ll also want to think about the flooring and the sink fittings, whilst incorporating some nice retro lighting. A nice tiled floor can look great, and either stripping or painting any cupboards. This may be something else you may be able to speak to the developer about customising, as you’ll want to avoid any vinyl finishings. Kitchens are great for adding traditional furniture and appliances, shop around for a classic looking cooker, dining room table and even toaster and kettle. The small details will make all the difference.

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