How to Look Your Best for a Pictorial

Many of us look at a photograph of a model and admire the flawless beauty captured on camera. We wonder how it’s done and how someone can look so perfect. We may even have friends who look better in pictures than they do in person. If you imagine that you are not photogenic, think again. Everyone has that perfect angle, the one we should favour when we have our pictures taken. If you want to look your best for a pictorial, you can take a few steps to ensure that you will be happy with the result. For one thing, you can get dressed in an outfit that suits you and will look great in pictures. You can get lovely cotton fabric and come up with a design that is flattering for your figure.

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Here are some tips to help you get that look you want for your pictorial.

Carefully study your other photos

Take a look at pictures of yourself and see which ones you are most happy with. Study your preferred photographs and look at the angle that flatters you the most. Take note of the poses you struck that made you look good. Stand in front of a mirror and practice, trying to recreate what you have seen. In the same manner, study photos of people you think look great in pictures. Look at how they carry themselves. See if what works for them could work for you too. Remember those poses and use them for your pictorial.

Choose your lighting

When it comes to taking photos, lighting plays a significant role in the results. Having pictures outside on a bright day may seem ideal, but a bit of overcast weather looks a lot better in photographs. Sunlight can have an effect of casting shadows when your face is not at the right angle. Make sure that your lighting is suitable. A professional pictorial will save you the trouble as expert photographers know the perfect light for it.

Pick out your most flattering attire

If you are preparing for a pictorial, you need to choose an outfit that suits you perfectly. Tailored outfits do very well in keeping your shape well-defined. Go for more neutral colours or pick out shades that complement your skin tone. It is sometimes best to steer away from patterns as they may distort the shape and the size of your body. Solid colours are your safest bet.

Be careful about overloading your face with makeup

A good photograph is usually one where you know you are made up but still look natural. Adding layer upon layer of makeup can destroy that natural beauty and make you look unreal. Unless you are being made up by a professional, keep things simple enough to hide flaws and enhance what you already have. Matte looks great on camera. Use it to your advantage.

Anyone can be photogenic with practice. Find your best angles and poses. Use your phone camera to discover more about your best features. Keeping these things in mind, your photos will bring out your very best.

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