How to Give Your Home a Nice Clean Look and How to Maintain It

From many points of view, a clean and neat home is often considered a minimalist home, yet there are major differences between these styles.

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The point is to avoid clutter and create lots of space. Even if you are not necessarily into minimalism, this type of clean look will draw positive attention and good vibes.

Looking around and seeing a home free of clutter will give you a liberating feeling, as well as a fulfilling satisfaction if this is your goal.

With these thoughts in mind, here are a few simple ideas to give your home a clean look.

Change or paint doors

Exactly! If you can afford changing those old doors, go for it. Perhaps opt for a cleaner style too, there are lots of concepts out there.

Unable to change all the doors? Simply do it in stages. Start with the ones for social rooms, such as the kitchen and living room.

You can also paint them. White doors make an excellent option because they give the room a spacious illusion and can reflect light.

Clear all surfaces

Clean surfaces make all the difference in the world. This is not necessarily about grabbing those bags of crisps from under the coffee table or putting the keys away. Instead, make some permanent changes.

To keep a home clean, you need clear flat surfaces. A couple of decorations here and there are more than enough, but this is it.

Get rid of all the rubbish, snacks, stacks of magazines or books, phone chargers, wires, and all sorts of things you may have around. They will give the home a cluttered appearance.

Choose quality over quantity

Indeed, as unusual as it seems, keeping a home clean is also about choosing the right things for your home, at least in terms of quality.

There is no need to have plenty of stuff in the home. Sure, it works for some traditional homes or perhaps a shabby chic interior, but this is it.

A clean home only hosts a few quality things that you need or use regularly. For example, a quality table will be much more appreciated than four different pieces of press board wood.

Go for minimal furniture

This is actually one of the first things to keep in mind. Minimal furniture is a must for a clean appearance. Plus, it is all about the looks and design, rather than about having to clean.

If you are doing everything from scratch, start with the furniture. If you already have a décor, simply change one thing at a time, based on what you can afford to do.

But then, the furniture consists of the largest pieces around, the pieces that can actually make or break a décor.

A clean room will require a few pieces of furniture. Stick to things you truly need, rather than good looking things. For instance, a sofa is important in a living room, but you do not really need a bookshelf.

You could also have a chair or two, a coffee table, perhaps a love seat, or a light stand for your TV. Keep it to a minimum and avoid overcrowding it with books or magazines.

You can even go for less than that. After all, lots of space will give the interior a clean and aerated appearance.

Focus on decorations

It does not mean you need to purchase a million decorative items and cover every single surface with one. This is exactly the opposite of a clean environment.

Instead, you need to put some accent on these decorations. If you think about it, having absolutely nothing, not a single decoration, will make your home feel a little boring.

A simple coffee table with nothing on it is alright for simplicity, but you can also put on a minimalist vase with a few flowers. You have a stylish vase, as well as a bit of color from those flowers.

How about your desk? There is not much to do, just throw on a family photo. Empty wall? Get a minimalist piece of art.

No matter what you choose or what other ideas you get, maintaining the décor is fairly simple. Sure, you do feel like leaving your work clothes thrown on the sofa after a long day, but here is the catch.

Put things back once you are done using them. Replace those flowers if they are dead. Put the keys away and avoid leaving those glass coasters on the coffee table.

Bottom line, obtaining a clean and neat home is a matter of imagination and creativity. Maintaining it, on the other hand, is the more difficult part.

Discipline and a little attention to small details can take you there and ensure your home stays like that for as long as possible. It does take an effort, but it is totally worth it.

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