How to create a grown-up bedroom




As your children get older, it’s only natural for them to ask for a grown-up bedroom. Both dinosaur and princess wallpaper sets will quickly be replaced with something less ‘childish’ and castle and racing car-themed beds will be swapped for something more traditional.


Regardless of age, the bedroom is an important room in the household. If you have young girls, this is where a number of sleepovers will take place, whilst boys will often turn this area into a gaming room. With this in mind, it’s vital that the room in question houses more than just a bed.


Investing in a sofa is a good idea and one that will allow the kids to congregate in an area other than on the floor. The range of sofas from Sainsbury’s are all good options, you may even like to discuss the design and style with your little ones. Including them in the décor process will show them that you are willing to treat them more like adults.


If, like many children, your boys and girls boast a vast collection of toys, this may be the time to have a clear out. Growing up is all about giving away the toys that you no longer need or use. This is never an easy task, and many will find it difficult to throw away their oldest soft toys, game sets and fancy dress outfits.


This task can be daunting at first, yet once in full swing it will get easier for both you and the child. It may be a wise idea to let them know that unless they are willing to throw away their old items, there will be no space for new toys.


Instead of simply throwing these toys out, take them to a local charity shop. Your child will be a lot happier knowing that they are going to a new home as opposed to in the bin.


Designing a new room can be an asset to parents and is certainly one way to organise your children. Labelling new draws, boxes and storage baskets will encourage them to tidy away their belongings, whilst issuing grown-up furniture may make them act in a more sensible manner.


This is a guest post from Sainsbury’s. If you want to help your children update their bedroom into a more grown-up space then  Sainsbury’s may have compact solutions which help make their bedroom more than just a place to sleep. Take a look at their collection online today for more inspiration.


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