How to choose the best Wooden Doors for a Contemporary house

Contemporary house designs include everything that is in trend at a given time and is continuously evolving and changing. It could consist of and not be limited to mid-century designs, modern, minimal designs etc. Even then, there are a few aspects that are inherently part of contemporary design; open floor concept, minimal embellishments, simple lines and designs. The main aim of contemporary house designs is practicality with a beautiful aesthetic, and that includes every part of the house design, including the fixtures, doors, windows etc. 

The door market is overflowing with beautiful designs which cater to all kinds of house designs and eras. Doors are essential since they are the first thing that comes into view when entering a house and then a room. There are no set rules of what kind of door should be installed in a contemporary house, but if you want to select the best door for a contemporary home, there are a few factors to keep in mind. 

 Since contemporary house designs vary, the first factor in choosing a design and material that matches well with the interior design of the house. Secondly, the selection of the material of the door is very important, and the most widely used material is wood since it is a durable and fitting material. 

 When selecting wooden doors for a contemporary house, these are a few aspects to keep in mind:

Be Unique

 Contemporary house designs allow freedom to indulge in making things unique. There is no need to choose similar doors for all rooms of a house, you can do differently. You can go for doors with a mixture of traditional and modern styles. There are various designs available in the market that are fresh and incorporate the traditional and the modern. If you want the conventional Internal Oak door but for a contemporary house, you could find internal oak doors with glass panes or even glazed.  

The Design 

 The design of the door is critical. Highly embellished doors do not usually match well with contemporary house designs and could stand out. When deciding on the design, keep in mind to go for simplicity. Clean lines and a simple design showcase the beauty of the door. Simpler designs let the door’s material and design stand out more. 

 One way of creating diversity in the internal doors of a house is to choose different types of wooden doors with different accents suiting each room the best. 

Let in Light 

 Contemporary homes are characterised by open floor plans and an abundance of natural light. So, when choosing doors opt for designs that allow light in through. Glass panelled or internally glazed doors are a good option. Such wooden door designs extend the contemporary house design and enable the house to be more lit and open. If the goal is to make the home more modern and contemporary in design, then glass doors are the best option. 

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