How to choose a freezer…

(NB – this is NOT a sponsored post – I have worked with this brand before, but that’s sheer coincidence as the husband had no clue I had. This is genuinely an exact copy of the conversation we had.)

So we looked at our HUGE harvest of apples, and we looked at our itty bitty little freezer space… and thought to ourselves “Something Must Be Done.”

Naturally, my patience with freezer-geek is limited at the best of times, so I did what any sensible working mother would do.

I delegated.

The Husband was given two criteria – large space, low spend. I guessed he’d have a ten minute window of brain space before his mind fell over like mine did.

But I was wrong.

He took the challenge on, and started looking seriously. For an hour or more there was muttering and cursing in the air as his screen filled with white goods and he compared cubic space to energy ratings to delivery costs.

But then the tapping stopped.

And VOICES started floating at me.

See? I knew he couldn’t last long before distraction set in.

But then he made a coffee and started enthusing excitedly about this web site he’d found, that had this brilliant way of showing you the freezer. AND they were cheaper.

Nodding blandly, I allowed myself to be led to the Mac to SEEEEEEEE it.

And I admit it.

What he found was… genius.

Because the unfailing trouble with shopping online is the sheer lack of physicality you get – you have no real grasp of how the product will look and feel and work in Real Life.

But Appliances Online seem to have grasped that fact quicker than the big electrical retailer sites – and have installed a clever new system.

They review the product themselves – actually standing beside it in a kitchen situation. Brilliant!

Instead of looking at white box after white box on a screen, trying to arrange my brain around dimensions and capacity measurements, I could see how it would look sitting next to my cupboards, how the size actually related. I could see how the drawers worked (and that they might be a bit tricky to get back in), and even ‘feel’ the tug of opening the door.

In fact, it was a review along the principles that we work on here – seeing how the product works in ‘real life’.

Want to see it? It’s the Indesit UFAN400 freezer that we looked at – just click ‘Play Video’.

We watched it – and we were sold.

The freezer is now sitting happily in my house (and just for the record is as fably dull and deeply efficient a freezer as you could ask for).


There aren’t videos for every appliance yet – but if they’re sensible, they’re working on it.




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