How do you dry yours? (I’m talking laundry, people, laundry!) Do you love a Rotary Dryer?

As the days get longer and (allegedly) warmer, I’m always keen to say goodbye to the Tumble Dryer for the season. In a big family, it’s rather a necessity (though this year we have managed to use a heated airer a lot, which has saved a lot of the attractive damp-washing-on-radiators look) – we seem to constantly create a lot of laundry, and it’s a nightmare drying it all in our damp northern island climes over the winter, isn’t it? But what’s your favourite – do you have a rotary dryer twirling in your garden?

I’m a HUGE fan of drying naturally – not only is it cheaper, obviously, but nothing beats that fresh smell of laundry from the garden, does it? And it needs FAR less ironing when it’s been blown straight by a stiff breeze for a few hours.

Why on earth wouldn’t you dry your laundry outside?

• It gives your laundry a fresh fragrance

• It costs you nothing in energy!

• It’s kind for your clothes

• And it’s better for the environment!

I have a confession too – I love my old fashioned washing line running down the garden. It runs from the house and still connects to the pole that housewives who previously lived in my house have used since the 30’s. It gives me a sense of connection and continuity every time I use it. I know, I’m weird. But I don’t care, I love it.

But of course not everyone has my idiosyncratic love of a ‘line’ – nor the space to run one. And that’s exactly where the rotary dryers step in, isn’t it? They take up a tiny amount of space for the frankly astonishing amount of laundry they can dry – and they needn’t be a permanent feature, as they’re simple to fold up and store in the shed when you have more important jobs for your lawn (like football. And dozing).

But I know that choosing one can be tricky – because not every rotary dryer is created equal.

But thank goodness for Brabantia, eh? Not only have they produced a brilliant video to help you find the exact rotary dryer for you, but they’re also working with WeForest and for each laundry tree that is sold, WeForest will plant a real tree in the Great Green Wall project.

Brabantia’s ‘Love Nature’ campaign will encourage consumers to dry their washing naturally, through the use of a rotary clothes line. Working with consumers and WeForest to protect and restore the world’s environment, Brabantia has set a goal to plant 500,000 trees!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 14.30.21

All Brabantia rotary dryers are completely (British!) weather-proof; strong and sturdy, yet still light to carry and easy to set up. The washing lines they use are extremely robust and easily adjustable using the nifty ‘umbrella’ system. And of course all their rotary dryers come with a 5-year guarantee.

Big or small

Do you want 40, 50 or a whopping 60 meters of line? Do you like it compact, spinning or with a lift? Whatever you need, Brabantia has the rotary dryer for you. Find your perfect match and order it online, with free and speedy delivery. What’s not to love?


Author: Laura

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