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Maternity bras. Feeding bras. Not the stuff a girl dreams of living in for a year or so, is it? Images of 1950’s firm white cotton pointy practical types spring to mind, don’t they? Well, a New Zealand company took a hold of that idea and stood it right on its head. The founders of HOTmilk understood that just because a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding, she doesn’t instantly stop needing to feel attractive. Feminine. Even (gasp!) sexy.

And HOTmilk have put the ‘lingerie’ back into maternity underwear.

Of course, first and foremost maternity lingerie has a job to do – and must do it well. It has to be kind to pregnant skin. It has to be supportive to swollen breasts and adjustable to the expanding and contracting needs of breastfeeding boobs. It needs to properly support the ‘better-endowed’ of us without the need for the underwires which are oh-so-bad for Milk Mamas. Small things like seams across tender nipples and pretty-but-scratchy lace need to be thought about.

So HOTmilk took all of those principles, and added them to their beautiful underwear design skills.

The result? Pretty, feminine, seductive underwear that really truly works. Every woman knows that your underwear defines how you feel. No matter what you wear on top, if you have on a gorgeous, sexy bra and knickers underneath you can’t help but walk that bit taller. And when you’re pregnant, or have been up all night feeling like a dairy cow, we’ll take all the sexy help we can get, yes?

I tried the Baby Doll Delicious Maternity Bra, in a deep dusky rose embroidered with sunflowers and decorated with soft gentle lace and I love it! It is oh-so-comfortable, supportive even to my DD cups – and sooo feminine too. The shoulders straps are soft and broad, the back strap is wide and supportive, and has six adjustment options to ensure a continued good fit.

My only problem is the lack of large sizes available in this country – you can get them in New Zealand so why are none of the UK stores stocking them (up to a size F no less – HUGE kudos to HOTmilk for recognising a bigger Mummas need to feel sexy too)?

The HOTmilk range is not infinite – they are a young company and are taking care to only add the best to their range, which takes time. They do however, go further than just bras – the matching knickers come in various styles and they also have a camisole and a gorgeous black bodice for nightwear. If you’re looking for something more than functional I strongly suggest these might be exactly what you’re after.

HOTmilk… even the name is genius…

Author: Laura

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