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Traveling is a unique way to discover the world and your place in it. People enjoy traveling because it’s a way to broaden their minds, shake off some dust from the everyday routine, and just feel free from all the obligations and duties. Those who have a full-time office job tend to take time off once or twice a year, while more flexible workers can enjoy trips over a more extended period of time.

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When planning a trip longer than a few days, it’s important to take care of the essentials to not have unpleasant surprises after coming back.

1.   Home security

A lot of us can’t fully enjoy the trips as there are always back thoughts about home security. Having vigilant neighbours is quite a luck, of course, however, it’s not enough. Besides, basic security rules will always remain unchanged:

  • Don’t leave the spare key somewhere in the flower pot or under the carpet.
  • Close the blinds and curtains.
  • Don’t announce your grand plans on social media platforms, keep your excitement unexposed. The fewer people who know about it, the better.

With constant access to the internet, you can easily control everything that happens at home:

  1. Install the smart cameras at the entrance, which will help you keep track of everything getting close to your house;
  2. Install security sensors in all the problematic places around the house – window- and door-opening detectors, water leakage, and fire detectors. These small devices will be connected to your phone through a wi-fi connection, sending notifications onto your phone in case of emergency.

By ensuring a proper security level at home, you will have more chances to relax during the break.

2. Fridge

After making sure everything is secured, it’s important to take care of food, as it can be a source of stink and mold. Take care of all the food leftovers and don’t buy anything in advance. If there is an opportunity, free the fringe from everything, wipe out the surfaces inside and outside, defrost it (if there’s a need for it), and unplug, to save energy.

3. Cleanliness

Imagine returning home from the trip, full of energy and in high spirits and….chaos in the rooms, still waiting for your active participation. If you add all the unpacking, the coming-home mood will vanish immediately.

Instead, before leaving, dedicate time to cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, and the other rooms, decluttering the living space as much as possible, and arranging all the stuff in the wardrobe. Such preparation may take time, however, it will make the post-holiday period less stressful. If you are pressed for time, and have a lot of work chores, hire a professional to do this job for you. Every cleaning company in London will offer their service and make you free from the cleaning burden.

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4.   Plants

In case you have plants, you want them to stay alive until the moment you return.

  1. First of all, the pots should be placed in a shady place, further from the window. If you well-water them right before the departure, they will keep the moist for a week.
  2. Use wicks. Fill the container with water and place it above the flower pot. Take a few strips of cotton rope and place one end at the bottom of the container, and the other one should be buried deep into the soil. The number of ropes depends on the size of the pot. The cotton ropes will slowly absorb water from the container and transport it to the soil.
  3. Make a drip system. Take a plastic bottle and drill a few holes near the top; fill it up with water. Turn the bottle upside down and insert it in the soil. Every time the soil will dry, the water will slowly drip and rehydrate it.
  4. Find a plant caretaker. This variant is unavoidable if you plan to leave for longer than a month. It may be someone reliable from friends, family, or neighbours.

5.   Unplug everything

Before leaving, make sure everything is unplugged. The sleeping mode is a bad idea as well, in case there’s a power outage or voltage shutdown. However, the WIFI should be working if you have the security system installed.

6.   The vehicle

If you don’t plan to travel by your car, keep it in the garage, or take it to the parking lot, making sure it is protected from the weather influence. It will also be a good idea to have it cleaned so that when you get back, it’ll be ready for usage.

Traveling is always great. It’s the most efficient way to run away from routine and create memories. Apart from just planning the route, it’s important to take care of your home and its security, otherwise, you will always have a nagging feeling that something is wrong. If you install the smart security systems, organise proper cleaning, and take care of the plants and utilities, your after-holiday period will be less stressful and you will just enjoy the after-taste of the trip.

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