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Summer is slowly retreating and memories of happy family holidays are fondly remembered whilst watching the leaves turn gold. We love our family holidays, time spent together without the distractions of day to day demands and chores.

This post contains affiliate links – you don’t pay any more, but I may earn a teensy smidge of commission (which frankly just helps my coffee habit). But I never recommend something to you I wouldn’t recommend to my sister. And yes, I do love my sister.

However, there are certain moments that I treasure less than others – specifically, the travelling with the kids. Ugh. It can be SUCH agony, the queuing, the waiting, the sitting around, the boredom. Well, this Summer I made a genius discovery – Audible audiobooks – specifically, the Percy Jackson series and The Kane Chronicles series, both by Rick Riordan. My 10 and 6 year old boys were content to while away the dull hours of travelling listening to the awesome adventures of Percy, Carter and Sadie.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Audio Book from Audible
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Audio Book from Audible

I originally signed up to Audible on a no-strings-attached 30 day trial that allowed me to download a free audio book of my choice. I was so impressed that after the trial I continued with my paid membership which is only £7.99 a month and I get one audible book credit every month which can be used for ANY audiobook on Audible – regardless of it’s size or price.
Right now, there’s 50% off membership for 3 months: Just £3.99/month for the first 3 months, then £7.99/month

They also have regular sales and special offers. During the Summer they had a discount on many children’s titles so I downloaded the entire Percy Jackson and The Kane Chronicle series at a significant saving.

So inspired by how easy Audible is to use and the amount of book titles available – currently over 80,000! – I recently gave my Mum one of the best birthday gifts she’d had in a long time; an easy-to-use MP3 player and an annual subscription to Audible! Her eyes are not what they used to be and she finds reading a book makes them very tired. She’s always loved a good story and now she can rest her eyes and still enjoy a good novel. I love that she’s already built up quite a wishlist of titles she wants to download when her next month’s credit comes in. Other members of the family could also buy her a gift of one of her wishlist titles – easy peasy!

audible joining offers

Honestly, Audible is fantastic and you really do need to try it yourself. What’s to lose with their true no-strings-attached trial that let’s you download a free audio book that you get to keep even if you don’t continue with the monthly subscription. Click this link to find out more…

 The Audible app can be used on hundreds of devices from MP3 players to smart mobile phones. It is also compatible with Windows Media Player and Apple iTunes.

Gwan, give it a go, I suspect you’ll love it as much as I do :-)

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