Helpful Pointers for Selecting Wallpapers and Wall Murals for Teenagers’ Rooms

The right choice of wall murals and wallpapers can truly transform and make a statement in your teenager’s bedroom.  They will have the perfect space to rest up after a long day, somewhere to retreat to and be along with their thoughts and study, as well as somewhere to entertain their friends. Choose from the large selection of wallpapers that are perfect for teen’s rooms at and create the perfect space for your teenager.

Teenagers could not be any more different. One’s obsession and interest could not be any more different from the next teenager’s. Again, your teenager’s interests may change so often you may have trouble keeping up. That being aid, their interests remain the primary determinant when selecting the right wallpaper or mural for your teenager’s room.

Getting down to it, here are a few helpful pointers for you to keep in mind and the options available to you when you are decorating your teenager’s room

  • Sports-themed murals will be a perfect choice if your teen is into sports. So many options from which to choose in this category. There are murals featuring scoreboards and stadiums with your teenager’s favorite sport, from basketball to baseball. If your teen is into extreme sports such as snowboarding and skiing, then choose murals featuring the same. Additionally, you can go for wallpapers and mural featuring the greatest-of-all-time of different sports.
  • Art on Display– Several forms of art are quite popular among teenagers. Choose from wallpapers featuring graffiti, for the artsy teenager who is into this type of art. If they are into fantasy, then have your pick from different wallpapers and murals depicting fantasy, including images from across the world, futuristic concepts, out-of-space and fantasy worlds depictions and more.
  • Down Memory Lane-Some teens are really into world history. Find murals that capture some of the most amazing times in history, including world events such as the world wars and more.
  • Bring Nature Inside– Choose from a huge collection of wallpapers and murals with patterns capturing Mother Nature in its essence. The eye catching countryside, the amazing mountain peaks, the scenic oceans and ocean life, or flower blooming. It’s a great way to bring the outside inside.
  • A Trip around the World– Your teenager may not be ready for a trip around the world, but they can always do so in their minds. For a teenager with a love for geography and hoping to make that worldwide trip someday, you can go for wall murals and wallpapers with flags from around the world, as well as an actual map of the world. Find out what their dream destination is, and you can get them a wallpaper featuring an exotic landscape in that part of the world.
  • Put their Hobby on Display-What is your teen’s favorite hobby? Is it dancing, music or the movies? A wallpaper featuring musical instruments, or your teen’s favorite band would be perfect. Same goes for the movies. If your teen is such a movie buff, then go for something with a scene from their favorite movie, or a wall mural of their favorite actor or actress.

Away from your teen’s specific interests, you can never go wrong with wallpapers and wallpapers that create such a relaxing ambience. A good example of such is a beach wall mural. Something about the ocean just creates that soothing atmosphere like none other.

Teenagers can be quite impressionable and they can be quite particular about what they want and what they do not want.  This is the more reason why you cannot afford to involve your teen when selecting a wall mural or wallpaper for their room. Let them take their time to look through their choices, and decide what works best for them. 

If none of the available wallpapers and wall murals for teens quite catch your teenager’s attention, then you can always explore the option of customized designs. It doesn’t get as personalized as this, and you can be sure they will love the end result. Your teen can pick out a custom colour, image and pattern and leave the magic to the experts.  Choose high-quality materials, and get the dimensions right for custom sizing and you can look forward to a true piece of art.

Final Thoughts

There is something to match your teenager’s unique personality and preferences. You want both to shine through so much, including the décor in their rooms. You may not always understand your teenager’s tastes and preferences, and that is why you will want to have them involved in every regarding their décor such as choosing their wall murals and wallpapers. Keep in mind that while you have such a wide selection of colours and designs from which to choose, your teenager can work with professional designs to come up with a custom design that is unique.

Author: Courtenay

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