Hauck’s Dream’n Play Travel Cot

On receiving the travel cot it was already on to a winner for just being block colour in design and not having any generic disney images of winnie the pooh or a rubbish picture of a giraffe on it! Score! Why must all baby equipment have ‘stuff’ scrawled on it? Bleurgh! The pale pastel colours are sweet, although plane black would be perfection too be honest or even single primary colours.

Now, in terms of putting the thing together, this is something I am quite experienced at. And also rubbish at. Experience does not equal good unfortunately. I used to be a childminder so was always having to beg the Husband to put the travel cot up in the spare room for kiddy nap times. And this time , true to habit I did exactly that. And buggered off. And waited for the huffing and puffing. But in the words of the Husband  ‘easiest travel cot I’ve ever put up.’ According to him the instructions were clear and it was a case of a few clicks and it was done.

Blossom took a while to settle, not sure if this was due to the fact that it has a typically hard base as most travel cots do or due to it being a different environment for her as she is a creature of habit and does like to sleep in her own bed! But once settled she slept all night so no complaints from me.

In all it’s a good cot, and only some sleaker colour options and a thicker mattress could be improved on. Nice one!

Reviewed beautifully for us by lovely blogger Bec (ably assisted by Blossom of course) from Beetroot and Gherkins – do go have a meander at her blog, it’s a nice place to spend ten minutes with your cup of tea.

The Hauck Dream ‘n Play Travel cot can be yours for a smidging under £60 from allgoodretailers – you can find out your nearest access point from Haucks site, here.

Author: Laura

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