Hauck Babycenter Travel cot review!

Hauck babycentre Travel Cot …. what they say …

Hauck Babycentre Travel Cot Ideal portable travel cot meeting all your needs!

* Easy to erect and store

* Safe and comfortable for baby

* Comes complete with mattress, mobile, changing table section and holder for those all important accessories.

* Mattress is height adjustable enabling you to place baby in cot with ease.

* Changing table makes changing baby before bedtime a breeze, and mobile soothes and calms them and ideal accessory to keep them amused.

* See through sides enabling you to keep close eye on baby at all times

* Zipped section at one end delivers versatility to utilise as play pen.

* Easy to clean and superb value for money from £89.99

Ideal for home and when on the move. A versatile all encompassing travel cot with everything you need all in one unique compact unit.

Website: www.hauckuk.com

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Hauck babycentre Travel Cot … What we say ….

The timing for this review was perfect. We were off to the in-laws for a week. To make the visit as easy as possible I needed this travel cot to really work. My checklist of requirements for this cot are that it needed to be easy to move around, fit into the car with 4 children, the suitcases and the many other absolute essentials. It also needed to be small enough when assembled to fit into the in-laws spare room, but big/strong/sturdy enough to contain The Ellaroo Toddler Machine. Of course it needed to be comfortable for her, easy to clean, versatile and most importantly – it HAD to be easy to put up and take down.

So. No pressure on Hauck then… It arrived and was duly examined. The baby changing table and mobile looked great, but Ella is now too big for these, so I took the executive decision to not include them in the review. (*however, I did try them out, and as far as I could tell they worked brilliantly and would have been really useful if I had a small baby).

Departure date arrived and I found myself in the usual last minute scrum of packing lists, cat-feeding instructions and missing socks. In the process of moving the kitchen sink to the car, the first bonus of the Hauck became apparent. Not only does it all fold up into its own neat travel bag but said travel bag has two holes in the bottom – which fit perfectly around the two handy wheels. Meaning that the lugging of the slightly-awkward travel cot became a merry-wheel-trundling dance down the path and into the car it slotted. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Phew!

We arrived and I set to assembling the cot. I have to admit that I ignored the instructions and just delved straight in – considering myself an experienced travel-cot-assembler. Out pulled the sides with satisfying ‘thunks’ and then down with the centre disc down and as if by magic the whole structure was rigid and secure. In under two minutes I had the sheet on the mattress and the cot was ready for nap time and you can’t fault THAT!

So, the checklist;

* Small enough to fit in the in-laws spare room – Yes – just!

* Big enough for Ella – Yes. Easily. This travel cot is spacious enough for the cot-rotater to have full manoeuvrability (see image).

* Comfortable? – Oh yes. The mattress is secure and well-padded, the mesh is soft and gentle, and all poles are firmly wrapped in soft padded covers.

* Easy to clean? – Yup – the material is wipe clean, and easy.

* Versatile? – Yes. The adjustable height of the mattress is genius, allowing small babies to be up higher, which is the bugbear most parents have with travel cots; that they can’t actually reach the baby at the bottom!

So that just left us with the biggest test of all, for any travel cot- Getting it back in the bag! This time I did read the instructions and disbelieved them – there was no way in the world that it would work on such a solid and sturdy clunked-together cot. Muttering to myself about manufacturers and their dreadful instructions, I did half-heartedly do as directed and grabbed the middle of a short side and pulled upwards, did the same to the other short side and then a simple twist and tug of the centre disc, and ‘hey presto’ the cot was all folded and ready to bag.

Getting the 5-fold mattress wrapped around the four sides of the folded cot was a slight challenge, but as soon as I laid it on the floor it became much easier – and once again, very securely fastened.

The whole thing was back in its bag in under 5 minutes..

To top it off, there is a handy compartment on the side of the cot bag which held the sheet, blanket and all-important Noukie & Lola more than easily.

I love this travel cot. It does everything that you ask of it, and in style. Well Done Hauck (applause, applause, bravo, bravo).

Website: www.hauckuk.com

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