Hama Beads – Brilliant Minecraft Inspired Geek Craft!

I have a sneaky thing to tell you whilst No.1 son is not looking.

He has been stealing the 6yr old’s Hama beads.

Oh yes he has.

He makes her very cross, stealing all her brown and black and green beads.

Why on earth is the almost-15yr old stealing her Hama beads?

I’ll show you…

minecraft hama geek craftGenius, no?

Doing Big Brother Kind Things and helping Pink create her fabulous squirrels and rabbits, he realised that Hama beads are totally perfect for pixellated art of the highest Minecraft order. He’s been experimenting – and the boy-who-doesn’t-craft has been utterly engrossed!

So, naturally, when PlayMerrily offered to send some over for review we selected a brilliant selection of Minecraft Coloured bags for him to have his very own set! He’s so lucky to have us as parents…

He’ll laugh at us buying him Hama beads, of course – but I absolutely guarantee that by New Year he’ll have a Steve Mug Mat, and a 3D creeper on his desk.

Here’s what we got for our own Minecraft Inspired Hama Kit:
minecraft colours Hama Beads
They’re all Midi Hama Beads, and £1.75 for a packet of 1000 –

Forest Green (28)
Green (10)
Mint Green (11)
Grey (17)
Brown (20)
Black (18)
Flesh (26)
White (01)
Solid Mix (00)

We already have a few peg boards, so that’s him good to get started (and yes, I know he’ll soon be asking for some blues and reds and more greeny/blues and translucent…). One of those really silly presents that you just know is going to turn into hours and hours of fun.

We buy all our Hama Beads from CraftMerrily – there’s loads of sets and kits, but these individual coloured bags ore just £1.75 each.

Author: Laura

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  1. many uses for childrens toys that we would not always think of. Nice one

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  2. Perfect birthday present idea! The colours, codes and examples are all so useful! Visited craft merrily today and was so pleased with their helpfulness. Thank you for writing such a useful page!

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    • You’re absolutely welcome – we’re huge Craft Merrily fans!

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