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With summer upon us, in typical British fashion, millions of us are jetting off to beaches further afield to relax. With so much importance placed on our holidays, the countdown to our break can provide lots of excitement…and for many local people it can be stressful too.

According to new research by, one third of Brits admit to suffering from holiday travel anxiety, with 13% claiming to experience high to extreme levels of stress. The melee at airports, encountering busy crowds at check-in and in the terminal, as well as lengthy queues at security, has been identified as one of the primary causes of tension.

However, the pre-getaway anxiety suffered by local holidaymakers isn’t just confined to the airport, as almost half (46%) of people admit that they lose sleep the night before their break, for fear of missing the flight or forgetting passports! Fortunately, there are steps we can take to make sure that we approach the journey in a calm and breezy manner.

In a bid to spread the tranquil travel message, installed a giant mindfulness colouring board in the heart of the Victoria Place shopping centre on Monday 8th August, bringing smiles to commuters and families alike!


Carolyne Creed, Getaways Guru and Well-being Advisor at Holiday Extras, said: “A great holiday can make the world of difference to your outlook and as our research has revealed, there can be a few challenges to face before you reach that all-important point of rest and relaxation. All of our findings suggest that the more prepared you can be for your trip, both mentally and logistically, the better it will be and that’s what inspired us to launch our Vacay Sensei campaign.

“We hope that our colouring board installation helped to share a little zen among frazzled rail users this week, whether they were making their way to check in for a flight or enjoying a day in London. Of course a pop-up colouring board won’t always be to hand but there are plenty of tools available to make sure that the next getaway is enjoyable from the outset.”

For anyone that is on edge about waking up in the early hours of the morning to catch a flight, Holiday Extras has the perfect cure for pre-getaway jitters. The travel extras specialist has teamed up with yoga expert Nichi Green, to provide a selection of stress busting methods that could transform the next journey into an extra Zen travel experience. The company also offers a variety of products to help make the most of a holiday and to be a Vacay Sensei traveller.

·          Less stress, more breath – take deep breaths, controlling your breathing helps to focus your central nervous system and relax your mind.

·          Don’t be a mouth-breather – breathing through your nose allows you take deeper and slower breaths.

·          Stretch it out – stretching your arms and shoulders helps the flow of O2 around the body, lifting your energy and helping you feel clear headed and relaxed.

·          Preparing in advance – getting one step ahead of the game is one of the best ways to ensure that your holiday is stress free. Holiday Extras offers a range of products to help you prepare and escape the pre-holiday rush.

Airport Hotel
Avoid the stress of setting alarms and early rises by staying at an airport hotel the night before your flight – you’ll get a refreshing night’s sleep and wake up ready for the flight ahead. There’s a wide range of airport hotels available; from four-star luxury to those that fit a tighter budget. To make the most of the whole airport hotel experience, you can often upgrade your hotel room at the same time as making the booking. Upgrades like breakfast and drinks brought to your executive guest room create the ultimate way to relax before a holiday!

Airport Lounge
Airport lounges provide a restful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the busy terminal and they are the perfect pre-flight chill out zone. As well as avoiding the crowds, you can sit back and enjoy free refreshments, access to the internet, TV and newspapers for up to three hours before your flight. There are even special champagne packages available at some UK lounges.<

Fast Track Security
No-one enjoys a queue, especially when you could be relaxing in the airport lounge! With a fast track pass you can whiz through security – making the most of the pre-flight time by having a bite to eat and or maybe indulging in some retail therapy.

Meet and Greet Parking
Avoid any waiting for the transfer bus from the car park to the terminal with Meet and Greet parking. This service, available at a range of airports across the UK, allows you to head straight to the terminal with all your luggage while a driver collects your car and drives it to a secured parking space. On your return, your car will be ready and waiting for the drive home.

Holidaymakers wanting to download their very own copy of the Holiday Extras Vacay Sensei colouring board are invited to

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