Great Earbuds – Noise-cancelling, waterproof, wireless AND REDUCED from £144 to under £35? Yes!

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Come on, we own three teenagers plus a fast-growing pre-teen. Headphones are not only their lifeblood accessory, but they also mean a far more harmonious house for the parents too (I grew up as one of four, and I well remember the Saturday mornings when we all had our own record players or tape decks at top volume, trying to drown each other out).

Over-the-head headphones are suddenly perfectly acceptable again – but active people need earbuds. And not just any earbuds – they have to be really good ones, right? We want comfy, noise-cancelling headphones for commutes to school, college and work. Wireless means we don’t have that annoying tangle of wire to wrap up all the time, of course, and if they’re waterproof so much the better. It’s not like we don’t have some rain here in the British winter, is it? And I know from experience that running in the rain is brilliant for me, but notsomuch for my ear buds.

So when I saw these Treblab RF100 Magnetic HD Noise Cancelling Earphones reduced to under £35 it had to be a win, didn’t it?

The RF100’s have passive noise cancellation so you can focus on the music and not be distracted by the world around you. They also have magnetic housing and removable ear hooks for extra comfort (hooks for running, remove for the bus!) and a built-in mic so you can make crystal clear phone calls too.

Treblab promise that they won’t fall out (Hands up anyone who’s run with a constant prod at their ear to push the earbud back in again? *waves hand high*), and they’re also IPX6 sweatproof and waterproof. If you’re into running, jogging, biking, going to the gym or doing any kind of rigorous activity, RF100 workout earbuds are your new best friends.

The Bluetooth headphones have a battery time of up to 9 hours, come complete with expandable ear-tips, multi-device bluetooth connectivity. Oh, and they also include a cool carrying case.

What’s not to love?

The Treblab RF100 Magnetic HD Noise Cancelling Earphones normally cost £144, but you can get them right now for just £35, a savings of 78%.

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