Gorgeous Al Fresco Dining – Melamine Bargains From The Supermarket. YES, Really.

Sometimes the need for style can battle with the need for practicailty. And even more often, the need for something deliciously pretty can battle with the need to keep within a tight budget.

This is a paid collaboration with Tesco, who have compensated me for sharing with you the new range. All product choices, opinions, reviews and photography are my own. Contains affiliate links – which frankly just help my coffee habit.

Honestly – LOOK at the gloriousness. This is the Aztec range – it’s fresh, it’s modern, it’s chic, stylish and oozing charm. It’s also £3 a plate. THREE POUNDS A PLATE!!

This is the Grey Diamond Tumbler. Pretty, right? Plastic, of course, so no risk of breakage in even the youngest hands. It feels great in the hand, and the thick rim is great to drink from.
Oh, the price? They’re £2 each!!
Sadly not currently available online – though keep an eye on this page in case they appear.

And then there’s my own personal favourite – I absolutely love the mix ‘n match-ability of the ranges.
That rich sea blue is the Holcombe range – only the big serving platter (£8!) is available online currently, so check stock in your local big Tesco store

But the floral pattern is all online – and it’s a stunner. It’s the Batik pattern,
and it not only looks fabulous on its own on the table, it also mix and matches with all the other ranges too.
It’s the same price as all the other patterns – the dinner plates and bowls are £3 each, and the MASSIVE serving bowls and platters are £8.

This is from our own set up – you can see that I teamed the Batik range with the Aqua Reactive picnic set for our own garden picnic, and it looked so pretty. Oh, and that checkered rug is currently half price – reduced from £12 down to £6. It’s a decent enough size (150cm x 130cm) to fit a couple with a feast, or a family of four with a picnic on the go. And it’s waterproof backed too!

The melamine is excellent – remember how it used to feel like a rubbishly cheap and plasticky option? I guarantee we’ll be using these items for garden eating, picnics and barbecues for years; the sizing is practical, the designs not only pretty but also mix n match brilliantly, and the price point is pretty perfect.

  • BIG Serving Bowls £8
  • BIG Flat Serving Platters £8
  • BIG serving boats £8
  • Dinner Plates £3
  • Bowls £3
  • Acrylic wine glasses £2
  • Acrylic pitcher £7
  • picnic rug £12 now £6!

The melamine picnic sets are all now available online here

To find out where you can purchase any of the Summer 2020 products featured in these pages, check Tesco here

Most products are available online, but are in most Tesco stores too, subject to availability – smaller stores will have more limited ranges, obviously.

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