Goggles. Oh yes.

When we went to France, I took with me two children who, whilst enjoying being in the pool, were rather hesitant about the whole actual swimming deal. Boy is nearly 10, and can swim, but really rather hates getting his face wet. Jolly, 8, can’t quite swim, and will not, no way, no how, go under water for any reason, areyouinsane thank you.

So, what happens if you throw a couple of pairs of goggles ta them?

I’ll show you. This happens…

In case you didn’t catch that – look. LOOK!

That’s my two scaredy boys. Having a chat. Underwater. UNDER THE WATER! *grin* –

It was amazing to watch their confidence just blossom and grow.

Speedo Mariner Mirror Junior in Blue – £10.00

Boy is wearing the really uber cool Speedo Mariner Mirror Junior Goggles in Blue. They fit his rather narrow head perfectly, and never once shifted. he took a day or two to become accustomed – they are a snug fit, and narrow around the eyes, fitting tightly to the eye socket. But once he was used to them he never took them off.

Cressi Fox Junior Goggles in Dark – £10.35

Jolly is sporting the Cressi Fox Junior Goggles in ‘Dark’. Honestly? I though these looked a bit.. odd. Dame Edna Everage-ish after the sleek cool-ness of Boy’s.  But actually – they’re really well thought out for children. The whole goggle is moulded out of a really soft rubber – they not only sit snugly, but they’re so soft there’s no ‘ouch’ factor when you put them on. The eye piece is wide enough to sit comfortably around the whole eye socket, and again is nicely soft – whilst being grippy enough to never slip. In purely practical terms, these were my favourites, and were perfect for an 8yr olds first pair.

By the end of our week, BOTH my non-swimmers were swimming like..um.. fish. Well, perhaps, one fish and one slightly startled turtle. But they were underwater and laughing, purely down to these goggles. Ace.

The goggles were sent to us by SimplySwim, who do a rather grand range of goggles, swim wear, buoyancy aids and water toys. Go see them.

Author: Laura

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